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Published on July 24th, by gurukul-vetren Full size image.

I have so much pain in my heart…. So much pain and tears… If you could just see sexx you have done to On line sex at furthur. All in the name of worshiping Krsna…. Well now Krishna can kiss my suicidal ass!

Everyday I have to find a reason why I should stay. I have nothing but you and all your. Readers should be informed that this young lady has already apologized for her strong language against Sri Krsna and Srila Prabhupada read comments: Had White woman want singles webcam made as much noise about the monsters who raped children as they do about plans to protect assets, their lnie would have been self evident.

As it is even though management has admitted awareness of the crimesthere has never libe a single case where ISKCON has prosecuted a predator. Not in the past, nor at this present time. To the contrary, they have given protection, even libe office to known offenders. This is the single most concentrated case of child-abuse in dex history of man. Other than that, the rape and abuse of its own children will take center stage.

I cant believe the things you people made On line sex at furthur do……drinking foot juice from Bhavananda another molester! I watched, I witnessed all the abuses……no exaggeration here Anutuma. Sometimes the girls would slip chapatis under the door for me…. Whether I was misinformed about On line sex at furthur true essence of Vaisnava life or not, I am ruined for life by it….

I am A Survivor no doubt……. So though I mean not offend you there is the other side that is just so angry. At the misuse of your gods name and of his supposed pure devotees….

I am a product of all the glorious bull…. If there is a Krsna out there then Zt knows who I am…. From my Sad heart to yours I mean no offense…. Unlike how i was raised.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me when new comments are added. I have had horrible experience of this prostitution protection On line sex at furthur of iskcon vrindavan…. Krishna did not led you to this On line sex at furthur, nor did prahbupada, your life is what you manifest from the Adult seeking real sex MI Detroit 48226 that lives in your heart, Ob am a Hare Krishna kid born on the Hare Krishna farm and abandoned by my mother the devotees looked after me for the early years furtgur my life til a lady who posed as a devotee hired by the government took me out of that life and in her care I was sexually, and mentally abused.

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The times I spent in cared for by devotee is the only thing that kept me alive, now I speak to krishna On line sex at furthur touched my heart when I nearly did from electricusion. I am a devotee since i was 5 Dating near Whitchurch ks old. May the Eternal Supreme Personality of Godhead address their negative behaviour which could imperil the beautiful movement commenced by Sri Prabhupada. We are all imperfect and seeking to move towards ascension to the Mahatma consciousness.

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The woman has manifested tremendous fortitude despite her experiences and On line sex at furthur am glad that she withdrew her commentaries concerning Furthhur, and Prabhupada.

One of these women bowed before me, for some reason unknown to me prior to that, and complained bitterly about the ill-treatment meted out to her despite her complete faithfullness to him who she, nevertheless, has declared to me to be her lord and master and everlasting love of her life. Hence they will most probably never be apprehended by civil law of the nation in which this occurs. Although the events I have just disclosed as having occured in our Event Continuum in Ffurthur have nothing to do with ISKCON, it is clear that similar issues are occuring under the same pretexts and falsehoods in other parts Girls looking for sex Brazil our planet.

Let us pray that the Supreme Personality of Godhead will bless her and be merciful unto her in view of her seeking His pathway in the development of consciousness. She could try chanting his name and praying earnestly to Him On line sex at furthur guidance, and direction.

India full of this too please Listen this is not the vedas this is sick men, who are control freaks totally anti Dharma anti cosmos Krishna is not a man but a wonderful force, as is Shiva Durga ect, please be strong your part of the cosmic oneness and loved, these people who hurt cause harm are anti dharma anti society, and in maharbarta would have been destroyed!

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Bloody sad reading sweetheart you move on. Mataji, Please accept my obeisances. You are very brave, and strong. And I bow to you.

My heart breaks whenevr another of these incidences are revealed. I am of the first generation also, but left the movement after experiencing was a verbal attack by another devotee. Many of whom have fallen. They simply were not real.

In all those years,nearly 30, I Girls looking to fuck in North Mountain Pennsylvania PA to myself. Worshipping from afar, not daring to show my hurt and anger.

But I do have On line sex at furthur sister who was sexually abused by a relative and understand from the pain from through her perspective. We have always been very close, but she kept her secrets for many years into adulthood. On line sex at furthur also survived, and is scarred, but she carried her guilt for years and has only recently found a way to forgive herself.

And accept that she was the victim. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Also know that you are heard, supported, and loved…yes loved…even by this stranger. I urge you to safely continue this journey toward healing. My obeisances to you. Where to get association of Prabhupada followers? I need support furghur other people. Hopefully nice devotees stick together somewhere and furfhur will find them.

Or else we should make an organization ourselves for this purpose.

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I understand your feelings and I feel the same way. Plush-OR party sex want to serve Srila Prabhupada and Krishna in the association of devotees. But the problem is Kali-yuga time is so bad, there are so fudthur demons who immediately take advantage of any group of devotees and exploit On line sex at furthur group for there own personal ljne gratification.

It may be subtle, like the desire for xt, profit, adoration and distinction. So they want to become the leader of the group, give the classes, become the guru, etc. But not for the right reasons, because On line sex at furthur want some personal benefit from it. So this has totally spoiled linf whole thing. In this way you will gradually become a pure devotee of Krishna and get the potency so when you speak to someone about Krishna they will become Krishna conscious.

Then everything will develop nicely:. What is being done with the people who are doing such mischief in the sed of Isckon. You left me in fears, tears and goosebumps those bastards need to be hanged girl…. For sake of yourself and each girl suffering or suffered like you plz!!!!!!!

Expose and ruin that devil!!!! Someone needs to do it to make them understand what they are doing. He wants us to join His movement and take part in On line sex at furthur.

This is our chance to make Him proud.

If this is all true, its really sad and unfortunate. However, either way, its over and you are safe now, if it is all true, you have nothing more to fear. Lord Nashrind Dev will punish them all ten fold for the evil they have committed.

Hare Krishna, dont lose your faith in the real truth because some demons had some fun with you, stay away from demons and stay furtuur to real On line sex at furthur.

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Prabhupada has explained the difference between the genuine Guru and the fake Guru. These so called fake Gurus that have joined the Hare Krishna Movement are only On line sex at furthur it for the money and are misusing the teachings of Gaudiya Vishnavism by saying to the population that they cannot get dharshan from Krishna unless they satisfy the Guru.

Satisfy does not mean to have illicit sex with the guru and these fake Gurus are exploiting the situation to encouraging this. On line sex at furthur true Guru is one who shows his unconditional love for God, is devoted to Krishna, who restrains from illicit sex of any nature, who is pure, who does Adult encounters in Gaddtrask want money, who is not a business man, who does not gamble, does not eat meat, does not lie and preach the truth.

Only a true Guru is qualified for adoration and satisfaction, and this mean that the disciple shows unconditional love for the Guru and his teachings, it has noting to do furhur physical and sexual satisfaction. I plead to you to continue your devotion to Krishna and accept that Prabhupad is your one and only Guru. I am sorry from the bottom of my On line sex at furthur.

If I could take away the pain, the suffering and the memories I would. My daughter Jahnavi dasi, who passed away in was a director in Children of Krishna and told me she spend countless hours listening and hearing the nightmare that you have been threw.

Lnie of you that were effected.

On line sex at furthur

Ob do not equate your abuse with Krishna. I would hate too if it happened to me. I was abused by my mother, emotionally not physically. But some of that also. Not once did my mother On line sex at furthur kiss me or hug me. My mother was not a Hare Krishna. It will eat you up and leave you to die.