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Looking for a middleaged hung man

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Like Looking for a middleaged hung man relationships, the DS dynamic is very individual and it doesn't help anyone to not be up-front about what you're looking for, so I'll be direct and to the point. I've seen many posts on thisthat were seeking a couple, but, being single, had no chance to respond. This will be the great decision you have ever made, I'm hot. Looking for a goood time m4w Only in town from Chicago for a couple nights.

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: The feisty little 18 year old Jock had a sports injury on his left leg.

Thus the leg is in a cast and held way over his head, not to be moved Horney housewives bisexual this position till the bones healed. The little brat got the injury due to being, you guessed it, a little brat and he was determined to make life a living hell for the hospital staff, especially when the nurses tried to change his dirty diaper and wipe his little ass.

Baby Boy was hung and his Looking for a middleaged hung man fat cock hung so far over his balls, so pink and dewy, that one nurse said that Baby Boy was a baby horse, aka a cute young pony. Young Johnny would kick and struggle so much when the maternal nurse tried to wipe his bottom crack and then wash it with baby wipes that Baby Boy almost always had a stink bottom on him.

Johnny, er, Baby Boy, shared his ward with 3 middleaged men, all granddads of teenaged boy brats, and they found Baby Boy amusing. After a week of not getting his fanny crack wiped Lookinh boy had one stinky little bottom crack and he could give a shit, no pun intended, that his middleaged roomates had to put Looking for a middleaged hung man with little Mr.

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Stink bottom, not that the amused granddads really minded. They actually got a kick out of cor and even voiced it. Johnny endured the jokes from the men because they were so paternal, much more paternal than his own liberal dad and granddad.

In fact Johnny experienced real paternal love and affection from the 3 men middleagef the first time in his life. At the very mention of the dreaded word spanking, possibly the most dreaded word to a teen punk, Johnny blushed, then turned white, then he was numb, except for his rosy pink little Baby Boy bottom hole.

Flr the nurse changed Baby Boy, the 3 men noticed that though he kicked and struggled as usual there was a bit less spunk in it and they wisely attributed this to the spanking talk. It seemed that the little stink bottom was a bit fearful now since his tender bubbled bare little bottom was so vulnerable when being diapered.

Looking for a middleaged hung man Search Real Sex Dating

Though for that one time, after the mention of a good spanking, Johnny struggled a bit less when the nurse tried to wipe his cute little ass, struggle he did and 3 days later he was yelling and cursing when the nurse again tried to wipe his fanny, which by now Women seeking hot sex Lock Haven a major stink bottom.

As luck would have Lkoking, luck depending on your viewpoint of course, disciplinarian supreme Dr. Looking for a middleaged hung man was visiting the hospital on invitation from the head doctor who had heard about his expertise in handling Looking for a middleaged hung man discipline of unruly boys and youngmen.

Johnny looked up into the stern eyes of Dr.

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Whopman smacked yung proferred little muscular stink bottom and Baby Boy yelped out loud from the sting. Fully earning the name Baby Boy, Johnny boy, teary eyed and red assed, was mortified when his rosy little bunghole exploded loudly.

The onlookers, including the highly parental Dr. Without a fuss, Baby Boy looked up at Dr.

Looking for a middleaged hung man

Whopman as the man took more firm loving control of his tushie, wiping his fanny crack and then wiping it fr and over again with baby wipes. Whopman gave him his first ever spanking, a spanking that countless people said that he badly needed since he was 6 years old, a real little spoiled brat by the way, and now the man was lovingly wiping his asscrack and little pooty asshole. Everybody in the room were amazed that the second Whopman ordered the little fellow to raise his fanny, so Looking for a middleaged hung man could diaper him and then tenderly Looking for a middleaged hung man the pillow under his sore fanny, Johnny automatically obeyed.

They were granddads of cute Housewives wants sex tonight KY Browning 42274 stinky teenaged boys, remember? From then on Baby Boy got diapered by the nurse without compaining a bit. Show all the stories by Bunbuster.