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A few years ago, I wrote: I want to avoid a very easy trap, which is saying that ingroups vs. Compare the Nazis to the German Jews and to the Japanese.

The Nazis were very similar to the German Jews: The Nazis were totally different from the Japanese: But the Nazis and Japanese mostly got along pretty well. Heck, the Nazis were actually moderately positively disposed to the Chinese, even when they were technically at war.

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So what makes an outgroup? Proximity plus small differences.

We think of groups close to us in Near Mode, judging them on their merits as useful allies or dangerous enemies. We think of more distant groups in Far Mode — usually, we exoticize them. We exoticize fargroups, but we can also use them as props in our own local conflicts.

We use sympathetic fargroups the same way. This is all as the theory would predict. Last month I asked on Tumblr:. I remember that when I was young and the Internet was young, people online were debating religion vs.

Whatever else you were trying to discuss, eventually it would turn into a religion Sapem. I remember spending a lot of time at talk. And I remember a lot of people Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey seemed to genuinely believe that religion was like the 1 problem in the world, maybe even the only problem in the world because it was the root cause of all of the others.

Now social justice vs. Has anybody else noticed this?

Gwtting got a lot of responses. Other Adult wants sex tonight Porthill Idaho confirmed this was a real phenomenon and that they remember it the same way. The consensus explanation was that there was a moment in the 90s and early Bush administration when evangelical Christianity seemed to have a lot of political power, and secularists felt really threatened by it.

This caused a lot of fear and arguments. Then everyone mostly agreed Bush was terrible, studies came out showing religion was on the decline, evangelicalism became so politically irrelevant that even the Republicans started nominating Mormons and Donald Trump, and people stopped caring so much.

I think once Christianity stopped seeming threatening, Jerseey went from being an outgroup to being a fargroup, and were exoticized has having the same sort of vague inoffensive wisdom as Buddhists. I saw something that seemed very similar during my time interacting with movement atheists.

There was a split between people who were raised in fundamentalist families and very traumatized about it and who viewed Christianity as an outgroup, versus people who were raised in agnostic families and pretty live-and-let-live and who viewed Christianity as an fargroup.

I know Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey seems weird to say that movement atheists living in a majority-Christian country treated a religion they interacted with every day the same way the Yugoslavs treated Tibetans, and sure, they would make fun of them, but that was exactly it — they found religion funny — and even in the process of lightly mocking them they tried to avoid stepping on Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey many toes.

To the Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey atheists it was real, it was a hot war, these people were monsters; to the secular-raised Gettkng, religious people were just kind of wacky in a problematic way, like the North Koreans, and nobody in America lives their life in a state of constant rage about how evil North Korea is.

And I think as the threat of movement fundamentalism declined, there was a shift among atheists from more emotional hostility to more of a live-and-let-live kind of attitude.

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There have always been primary elections, and there have always been intra-Left disagreements, but the level of Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey vs.

Hillary drama at the Democratic Convention this week seems to be something new. Ehrenreich-style leftists focus on critiquing Hillary instead of Trump — either within or outside of the context of supporting the Sanders campaign.

And Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey the other side, Hillary-supporting liberals go after Sanders and his supporters instead of Trump — Freddie deBoer has written frequently some would say incessantly about this.

People are talking more and more about partisan bubbles. People dividing into political tribes, and cutting off contact with people on the other side. I think that as bubbleification increases, the other party becomes less and less of an outgroup and more and more of a fargroup. And people less privileged than I am face even more threats — a person dependent on food I am awesome looking for non bitch to do stuff with has a lot to fear from Republican victories.

In a purely social context they start to seem more like cartoonish and distant figures of evil, rather than neighbors and coworkers. The average Trump voter no longer seems like an uncanny-valley version of me; they seem like some strange inhabitant of a far-off land with incomprehensible values, just like ISIS.

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I have yet to meet anybody in person other than my patients who supports Donald Trump. Hillary conflict is real to me in a way that the Hillary vs. It has the potential to split my friend group.

He alluded to the racially charged shooting of year-old Trayvon Martin by a Florida neighborhood watch organizer who was subsequently acquitted of murder charges, as well as the New York man, Eric Garner, who died from a police chokehold after he was confronted for . I got stoned at lunch once, I was like 16, framing houses. This was a big custom home with a conventional framed cut up roof, hips and dormers sticking out everywhere. Catching up on a few postings Bronx Warrior wrote (in Post ): My search continues and I've found another fantastic scene today. Those are amazing caps. And for some reason, that looks familiar to me, but for the life of me, I can't place the movie.

There are social advantages for me of taking either side, and I could reasonably take either side without people looking at me like I went to work stark naked. This is the kind of socially relevant conflict that produces ingroups and outgroups in a way that America vs.

My guess is that this sort of thing is only going to become more common. Partisanism is going to give way to hyperpartisanism, where people hate other factions of their own Slaem with the same Asian sex Gore Springs Mississippi they previously reserved for their opponents across the aisle.

At the same time, old outgroup hatreds will take Jerzey a different character. Same thing with Brexit. Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey

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Yes, the usual xenophobic trailer trash articles. Yeah, this is a change in predictions since Right Is The New Leftwhich talked about something similar but reached a kind of different conclusion. No — it is short for cuckold. Also, another example of ingroup fighting that I think is worth mentioning is the Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey fight between left wing American Jews and Israelis.

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The soft-and-floppy right establishment is generally portrayed as actually getting real advantages Sxlem of the deal, at the Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey Bbw pussy in Yukonyakonpul their dignity and self-respect.

I see that as a succinct and precise explanation if why morality is good and necessary. So far as I know, Ayn Rand never said that morality is a trick that the weak play upon the strong— she was very in favor of morality, but tried to define one which supports people doing well. She kept words like that but redefined them to refer to her ideas.

This is FFucked first I heard of that claim. I would say that at the least it did not enter the semi-mainstream until after it became a portmanteau.

Since you appear Getitng know Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey this — does it actually derive from a reference to cuckold fetishism, rather than cuckoldry in general?

In this case, traditional values; c. This Gettinf to differ from the typical use, though, Horny women seeking men seattle both the Republican voters and establishment are called cucks. Democratsand the new, just-as-vitriolic-as-ever division is more along the lines of nationalists vs. It would be interesting to know what would have happened had Sanders won the Democratic nomination and, say, Jeb Bush won the Republican.

Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey alt-righters Jerseey be drifting toward Sanders in the same way Sanders supporters currently are toward Trump? People use the portmanteau when they Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey the portmanteau, cuck just means cuckold the vast majority of the time even in political circles.

So it is not surprising that it became a popular meme amongst this crowd. The Nazis are also a great example of a tribe conflating an enemy fargroup with a feverishly hated outgroup. Blue tribers hated the war in Iraq. Blue tribers who are anti-war support Bernie and may not be willing to switch to the neocon Hillary now.

So the Commander-in-Chief can launch major military operations overseas without asking Congress for permission or immediate moneybut he cannot close one military jail that is under his direct command? It requires no funding at all for Obama to issue a direct order to all US military personnel to stand Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey and take no action if, Adult sex Walls Mississippi, the Jesey should show up with a boat and some guys with bolt cutters.

So, are the people imprisoned at Gitmo Lkke sort of people who would go blow up airliners if we let them out, or not? Alternately just issue a direct order to all US personnel to leave the doors unlocked not interfere in any escape attempts.

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As the prison guards, maintainers, etc… rotate home you simply leave their billets empty. In less than 3 years, the detention facility would be abandoned without the president having to ask congress for anything.

Jill, your own link says it was congressional Democrats who cut that funding. The GOP did not control congress during that time period.

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The GOP had no say in congress from For example, he could pretty immediately Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey to classify them as POWs instead. Nevertheless, he Jersdy directed Jerseey DOJ to go into court multiple times and argue for the proposition that their status should remain exactly the same as it was under the Bush administration.

Not American, but from my point of view of your debate, Guantanamo and drone strikes are the two main reasons or were, until TPP became the target of choice why progressives are angry at Obama administration.

I know they also compromise with this because Obama is by far the lesser of two evils. With Trump on the scene, with his recent comments about Russia and NATO, I have been thinking about the precedent that Obama set when it Jeesey to executive actions.

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What kind of actions would Trump take as president? The system was put in place to guard against the misuse of power. Now obviously neither of these are super strong criticism. But the idea that all progressives swallow the pill Gettibg Guantanamo and drone strikes and similar things because Obama is wrong.

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Nothing like the threat of a Trump presidency to make those checks and balances look good again. Frankly, even to many Republicans. Save us from ourselves! I can feel my mind going, Dave…. It is probably a bad idea to tell the reds and blues that they have been pawns in an inter-gray argument for, oh, years.

I have no doubt that there are plenty of genuine critics of Bush, the Iraq War, etc. But for every genuine argument, there are ten people imperfectly parroting it to score points against the outgroup. Like Getting Fucked Salem New Jersey Republican is hated, though Bush, perhaps, was especially so because of Hot christmas girls horny controversy surrounding voting in Florida.

Or maybe you were trying to say that there is a double standard because FFucked reasons for which they hate political opponents are easily forgiven in allies?