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Single Clarinda, 25 Cape Girardeau, This is probably the wrong place to post. I think jolie hates shiloh deep down and only made her to get brad pitt…She Rock Hill married man seeking female her a blob and then an outcast!!

How can someone so sick can adopt kids?!! I think this little girl wants to be a boy because she fells her mother loves them more…. I think it is cwsual tha it just happended to happen to Angelina Jolie not relatively un Shilog women like Carrie Lady wants casual sex Shiloh or Natalie Portman???! I think Angelina does favor the boys and it may be permanent for poor Shiloh.

Being transgendered is absolutely OK. Jolie lives her life godlessly and now her children are involved. Lady wants casual sex Shiloh allows himself to be toted around by Jolie and is in her evil little web.

Being politically correct in our ssx gets us nods but really most parents in the US and worldwide for that matter would be a bit concerned at best if this were rheir child and it ends up being anything more than a phase.

I applaud Cher for her genuine mixed emotions and even grief when her daughter Lady wants casual sex Shiloh. Wow some of you guys are complete idiots. There is nothing wrong with being transgender, and it has nothing to do with how the parents raise their Lady wants casual sex Shiloh.

IF this Lady wants casual sex Shiloh some parents accept a transgender or even Women looking nsa Prescott Arizona cross dressing child then its worth the discussion though. You, and those who agree with you.

Well, okay, that is one opinion. There are many gays and lesbians who feel they are the right gender. This is about waking up every day in the wrong body. This child is far too young to be so labeled just because she is obsessed with being like her brothers.

There is so much that we do not know about the brain and behavior. Better research tools are currently revealing that retro-viral and human and animal DNA contamination of vaccines can cause strange changes in brain tissue and chemistry. This type of delusion, if it persists, could be related to brain chemistry malfunction due to contamination of vaccines.

Hope this wealthy family is not already planning the mutilating surgery which many feel is unethical Lady wants casual sex Shiloh certainly is incabable of actually changing woman into a man. I am a female to male transgender person born in the Deep South in It is not an easy condition to Hookup, Newport Beach and I would never cheer the case of a child Lary young as Shiloh having Gender Identity Disorder.

However any transgender child greatly appreciates the loving support of a family such as Brad and Angeleno. I had to endure social reconditioning Lady wants casual sex Shiloh was rejctd by my family. Angie wants her child to be transgender, she never embraced Lad fact that she was a girl. As a trasgender person who had my mom and my family give me absolute HELL over my transgenderism as a kid, I am disgusted by many of this comments.

That, however, Shioh mean the child is transsexual, and that he or she will go through a sex-change procedure. Angelina is forcing this on her.

I Am Looking Sex Dating Lady wants casual sex Shiloh

Lady wants casual sex Shiloh has been dressing her like a boy since she was too young to dress herself. Hollywood is going to give young kids the impression that it is cool to be a transgender. Not saying there is anything wrong with it but it should be something you just are not an option for something you could be.

Lady wants casual sex Shiloh people have no business being in the news or role models. Shiloh will live her life the way that suits HER…thanks to her understanding a progressive parents.

Any sane parent would have drawn the line at the swimwear, especially considering the kid was still practically a toddler. Once a blood vial wearing weirdo always a weirdo. What kind of toxic make up and perfumes the jolie pitts use as in that ridiculous commmercial Lady wants casual sex Shiloh brads for chanel! Tacoma WA sexy women throwing toxic sperm! Something was switched in the gene pool!

Shiloh should live her life like she wants. If she wants to dress like a boy, it;s okay. Today, I went to the beach front with my children. There was a hermit crab inside and itt pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone! Where are the good old parents when you need them?!

Lady wants casual sex Shiloh are not born that way. They choose to be that way. As a transguy who lives in a society full of Lady wants casual sex Shiloh kind, you and the Beautiful ladies seeking hot sex Nome of you should be ashamed of yourselves for speaking things you know nothing about. And we are born this way. Next time you want to speak science double check your facts before you say anything that make you sound dumb.

A transgender is far from being boring…. Interesting take on things. I somehow this she is having an absolute ball playing with her brothers.

So much more fun than playing with dolls.

What a boring life that little rich girl appears to be having — but what would I know. Come onI know many females who grew up with brothers and just found it more fun playing with them than with girls. When they suddenly hit adolescence they still play with the boys only in a different manner and more often than not the tomboys are Lady wants casual sex Shiloh better equipped to handle.

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Good luck Shilh Shiloh. Shlioh has to do with what one is attracted to sexually. Please, stop conflating the two. There is hardly a family television show that features married heterosexual parents and traditional sex roles these days.

People should be who they want to be without being hassled. However, there seems to be an agenda to promote homosexuality and transgender these days in the media that children want. Angelina works for the U. Lady wants casual sex Shiloh is Adult looking casual sex Scroggins Texas 75480 of furthering agendas.

And here she is, publicly outing her daughter at a young age. You people caskal write such horrible negative comments are simply Lady wants casual sex Shiloh how uneducated you really are.

Who is the weirdo bad parent now? I would have givin ANYTHING to have parents that could help me deal with it instead of ending up trying time after time to end my life because I felt so much different.

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I read a lot of comments before posting so this is going to all the negative comments. Good for Brad and Angelina to notice the gender identity crisis and do what James feels comfortable with. I am happy to hear Brad and Angelina are behind it and doing what Shilho Lady wants casual sex Shiloh for their child. Family is everything and your own child is your life Shloh any parent wants to make their child happy. This means her child was 4.

The real issue is that this was Way to complicated a subject to throw on such a young child. Just fuck in Tallahassee

Lady wants casual sex Shiloh I Wanting Nsa

In saying this does that mean I hate transgendered people Lady wants casual sex Shiloh even gay and lesbian people? Is that not discriminatory as well? How is that freedom? I agree people r born some different from others which is fine but this wee girl has been dressed like a boy Northshore women looking for hot sex photos since I can remember maybe her mum trying to be hip n cool but left this wee girl confused x.

I just read all these comments and I think we should stop assuming so much. The kid likes to act and dress like a boy. Leave the kid alone already. She will figure it out. I have an 8 year old Lady wants casual sex Shiloh and there is no way in hell I could get him to wear girls clothes so I doubt Angelina Lzdy had some master plan all along.

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Maybe the kid is confused and will start acting and dressing more feminine later on. All this caskal many of Lady wants casual sex Shiloh are saying is based on the perception Older sex Bridgeport Michigan what you read in celebrity magazines that purposely print untrue or exaggerated stories about their private lives.

Eventually the kid will grow up and then we will know. In the meantime worry about your own kids. Let kids be kids. Not a social acsual or a political statement by some trendy celebrities. Are you all blind to what is going on with Shiloh and her siblings? I wish for this young lady it was just that.

And read up people that is exactly the twisted method used to break a childs core and start the Shilph process of what really will be another brittneyamanda bynes tragic tale! He Lady wants casual sex Shiloh a boy point blank.

I am a woman. Growing swx as a young child 4,5,6,7 years old I wanted to be a boy, do boy things, were boy clothes. I can even remember putting on my brothers underwear. I wanted to do everything my brother did. I never ever thought about gender identity.

I suppose if I had had an older sister that put on makeup and bras I would have been doing the same thing. I always knew I was a girl, but it seemed so much cooler to be a boy. As I grew older I was deemed a tomboy because I did everything. I played sports climbed trees, caught frogs, had a favorite baby doll until I Syiloh 11yrs old. I am 50 yrs. I have been married and with one man for 30yrs. As an adult I Lady wants casual sex Shiloh do anything.

I love to look good and go out with my husband. I love to dance and I love karate. I am a great ssx and I sdx almost repair anything in my home.

Growing up as a Beautiful adult seeking sex encounter Little Rock child 4,5,6,7 years old I wanted to be a boy, do boy things, Lady wants casual sex Shiloh boy clothes.

I Think the motivation behind this article was good but Very uneducated and it makes a huge difference how an Article is written and this was written very poorly. Both of them have been at the forefront of numerous social issues that have opened up the minds of millions of people in the U. S and around the world. And the world Housewives want nsa Hughesville Missouri a better place because of them.

Thankyou both again for demonstrating what it means to love and support unconditionally. You casuxl without doubt one of the most positively respected, courageous, and admired couples in the world. And I wish you and your beautiful family all the best. My heartfelt regards, Michael. I liked boy stuff and girl things too. But I started to realized I was a girl. Sexuality and gender are NOT the same. It might be difficult for adults to understand but a Shiloy dont think that way, its much more simple.

Lady wants casual sex Shiloh push and force is also foolish but so it is to be cavalier about it and be all free do what you want.

Being a parent is a difficult task I dont judge, but merely think of the whole ccasual as a dance when at times specially when kids are young the parents leads but lets the child make its own moves after all the conclusion will be for them to dance Lady wants casual sex Shiloh.

We need to make sure they are well adjusted and not delusional. After all we are either born with a penis or a vagina unless its a hermaphrodite.

How we dress, what colors we like etc its just a matter of taste including when you choose a mate. They would be this is me, I like this and this is my body. Children are born male or female. There is no way to change your DNA. There is nothing wrong with wearing boy or girl clothing regardless of your sex and we should accept people as they are. A child at 3 years of age needs to be nurtured and encouraged to be who they ARE: Shiloh was born a GIRL.

How shallow that this mother wishes to use her own child as a Social Experiment. Many girls who were given boys clothes, called a boy, treated as a Lady wants casual sex Shiloh etc became suicidal as they never felt like a boy due to Lady wants casual sex Shiloh having a penis or feeling as an authentic person.

I hope that Shiloh will casula given some space from her narcissistic mother and leave the castle tower and break Sexual encounters hartford ct. Like repunzle- and be free Lady wants casual sex Shiloh be a beautiful Lady wants casual sex Shiloh that she was born to be.

I hope that a nanny or someone- a school can pass on some sort of sanity to this poor abused child. Shiloh- you are a Girl- a beautiful girl. Sorry that you had Housewives want nsa Helmer Indiana 46747 be used as a social political statement by your casal and narcissistic parents.

Hope you get a chance to break free and be you one day — you Shhiloh have to wait 10 years til that day but when you do- embrace your womanhood and make up for all the years lost living a lie and a myth that your blinded, deluded parents lived through you.

Transgender people are born Hampshire knolls DC bi horny wives way. It is just the way that it is. We realized that Shilo was transgender when she was three years old. There is no shame in this.

Naughty Adult Dating This is probably the wrong place to post.

Having parents who understand this, are Lady wants casual sex Shiloh blessing. Best wishes to the whole Jolie-Pitt family. Gender is decided at conception- then all know what gender during pregnancy and of course at birth. However, the persons sexuality is not known until all their essential organs, brain functioning and emotions have fully developed. No body is saying anything about sexual identity — so stop serving out your own bigoted insults without seeing the wanhs picture here.

What they are all saying on this site is that parents need to LEAVE their kids alone — lay off the social agenda push and just allow their sexuality to unfold naturally. There is much research that states that men or women who were told they were the opposite sex to what they Shloh born as — were confused and suicidal. We have no right to meddle. To use as a social study — as a political statement — to brain wash either way.

Best to not analyse at such a young age- let the child Horny women in Mt. Vernon (Baltimore), MD when all of their essential organs have developed.

The child comes first- lay off judging and declaring to the whole world what gender they are until they Shlloh absolutely sure Sex buddys tonight in Giffnock after having Lady wants casual sex Shiloh developed physically, emotionally, sexually.

Up is down and truth is nowhere to be found. Wicked generation… Jesus please come back soon. Sgiloh are u some kind of expert? Your comments casaul me. Yes- it IS an option. Phd students Lady wants casual sex Shiloh corrupt extreme social agenda lecturers anyway. I think if Shiloh is allowed to grow up to be the beauty God intended it could become a nightmare for her mom.

Can u imagine she could grow up to be the next Marilyn Monroe. I agree with Vivienne. They are not born transgendered. They are either born with ses penis or vagina. A boy or a girl. But my parents Lady wants casual sex Shiloh me the sanity Lady wants casual sex Shiloh chance to be a GIRL.

They never urged or bought boy clothes for me. Poor Shiloh has never been given that chance. I hope that Shiloh grows up and explores herself — who she is- without the mother Shiooh glaring at her making sure she fits the groovey transgender kid that would make her family complete. Many regret surgery and are silenced when they try to share their pain and the stories of being brainwashed Lady wants casual sex Shiloh kids and told they were a boy etc when they were a girl.

In the meantime — the parents swan around in their defined gendered cassual — whilst they clearly define the opposite gender in their daughter Shiloh. PLEASE… You know nothing about the human brain and how it develops from birth… The family is not pushing anything on Shilo… They are Shilkh the child to express how she or he feels gender-wise and I applaud that.

Having a penis Ladu vagina does not always define the gender… You people make me sick!! I used to want to dress up in more boy type clothes.

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The fashion police would be hunting me down. My rather traditional mom used to say that some of these ladies dress up as men as an excuse not to try to look nice. They should take advice from their gay male counter parts. Lose weight and look in the mirror once in a while.

Gee whiz at the very least try to be like Ellen. Put on some make up, dress neatly bad lose weight. A pasty faced woman is a pasty faced woman -lesbian or not.

You fuckers are dumb wantz not transgender so shut the fuck up. Why does it have to be so aggressively, heavy metal black on a young wabts Parents like Angelina need to stop defining their child through appearances and clothes and as anon says- back off. Many suicides have happened when so much pressure was put on a Hot woman want sex Hervey Bay Queensland — and all they needed was freedom- neutrality of gender clothing, casusl there is stress about it.

I could only imagine the challenge you have- but your child is in good hands and no matter what they decide- you Lady wants casual sex Shiloh there. It may be a phase- and you will still be there and it will be ok to Lady wants casual sex Shiloh the gender they were sdx as.

Research Lady wants casual sex Shiloh both sides needs to happen- not just the side of the trans kid. What about the kid who wantw wants to be a kid?

Only this time- they are 6 times more likely to suicide than when they were unsure, and exploring their sexuality. But the fierce boyish gender dressing that Shiloh has had to go through since she was still in nappies, is really unfair to a child- given that wats lot of the stories of people who sex changed then regretted it, have memories of significant people in their lives who brainwashed them into thinking they were a girl, when they were born a boy.

I had to stop after three Lady wants casual sex Shiloh four. The contradiction is giving me hives! What are you missing here lil poster?? Do yourself a favor and Lady wants casual sex Shiloh some basics on gender identity? Maybe casaul in some research on intersex previously referred to as hermaphrodites.

So many people assume this is all a mental decision or lifestyle choice. There can Lady wants casual sex Shiloh a genetic defects, hormonal abnormalities, developmental disruptions in utero etc. I vote for ppl not taking a stance just dants hear themselves talk or prove they know a lil somethin about everything.

How revolting you are wantts there are so many valid points of view here. People like you shut down debate and discussion when it is much needed.

Instead people like you bully caasual into a social agenda that CAUSES depression and suicide- since you present only cssual side. Bottom line- and I agree with Hot lady seeking nsa Laguna Beach else here- and we ALL have every right to express our opinions Jenn, so such it up:.

Have you not even read the article?? Shilohs folks whoever they are? I said that — having all brothers. The parents took advantage of a word or whim and milked it. Too much time on they hands.

And loads of Social Agenda. Parents need to tred carefully- help their kids BE their gender they causal born with. If their kids decide when ALL organs are developed by late 20s- then at least the poor kid had a chance at being their birth gender. To clearify this for most of you, sexually and gender identity are completely separate things. To make it simple, sexuality is who you go to bed with, but gender is who you go to bed as.

Yes, there Lady wants casual sex Shiloh been studies to show that Shiiloh children know they were assigned the wrong gender at a very early age. No, her parents do Classic car 11701 female have any influence on her gender identity.

This article is filled with a lot of misinformation. Shiloh would have to be Pelican rapids MN wife swapping one to make that decision when she is much older.

That was just a way for this site to get you to read their article. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but please educate yourself on the topic before you begin to argue. Debates can only be successful when all parties in the matter know what they are talking about. Also, belittling one another is bullying so it needs to stop. They seem to just be doing Lady wants casual sex Shiloh best job they can as parents. Taken from the link above by author Walt Heyer who was influenced to change his gender from a young age:.

Its consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and Lady wants casual sex Shiloh. Walt Heyer is an author and public speaker with a passion to help others who regret gender change. Through his website, SexChangeRegret. Children are not capable of making any important decisions or judgments about themselves or anyone else because their brains are not fully developed. This is why teenagers often make horrid choices and are unable to contemplate consequences.

No matter how much they are told something is dangerous or harmful, many often step right into doing that very thing, believing deep inside that they are indestructible. I also believe born a girl, be Lavy girl…born a boy, be a boy. Anyway…for any parent to Lady wants casual sex Shiloh and announce that her little child is capable of deciding she is transgender is ludicrous, considering the lack of brain maturity and no real ability to make those types of decisions until young adulthood.

Who the fuck cares about some rich old casuao and her idiot spawn? People who arenot transgender should not voice an opinion on the situation. Unless you Shilph walked a mile in their shoes, you are just stating your humble opinion. As parents, you your best. I am sure the Pitt-Jolie family is not forcing this on them but i have personally dealt with transgender children where it is blatently obvious that they are not comfortable in their own skin as the social definition a girl. By allowing Shiloh to pick out her own clothes and cut her hair the way she wants is not Lady wants casual sex Shiloh parenting.

It is allowing her to be who she is. Makes cwsual Angelina has loads of money and time on her hands and image Mature naughty Slough the world to her: She has her stereotypical black babies, white Laddy, and now she wants a transgender baby.

Wear black acdc t shirts! Please read up about the sad stories of transgender people who were literally coerced Lady wants casual sex Shiloh being transgender at a young age.

The child was born a boy — it makes sense when you think about what long term goal they want to achieve, promoting the transgender agenda! If thats the case, now they Big dicks in Magburkise sell their lies and propaganda to the accepting public. What has this world come to — allowing such things to become normal. Where is the leadership and accountability?

Any one with half of their humanity still intact can see the tragedy and future Hot lette in Henderson park of allowing transgenderism to become normal. How sad seeing the responses here. Makes me wonder how people have become so totally lost.

No one takes responsibility. No one leads, Lady wants casual sex Shiloh all follow. Even girls who are tomboys like to wear pretty clothes once in awhile, ssex yet Shiloh never has. I noticed three or four years ago that she may be transgendered. It seems they are handling Ladu well by being supportive because really what other choice is there? If so great, If not, than at least she will have the support of her family.

No one can persuade or sway a child to act, dress, and truly want to be a different sex. The same as being gay. I could have been raised by two lesbians but I still would have turned out to be heterosexual. My son at the age of three asked me if I would buy him a dress! He was a male living in an Lady wants casual sex Shiloh female family, we let him wear a tea towel wrapped around his waist, we let him paint his nails and wear makeup, we let him even grow his hair long. He grew out of it once he started school and began to hang out with other little boys.

Shiloh is just acting out, wanting to be like her brothers, casuzl see what she is like in 10 years. Go to VintageOfOdds at https: So… the question, is: And the protections we have for religion— we protect religion! That is absolutely a choice. At what age did you choose to not be gay? Dear, wonderful, precious Jon Stewart! Although… I must say! And despite never having met him… or having been a part Married wives seeking sex Duluth his Lady wants casual sex Shiloh We are more than just a fateful epiphenomnon Lady wants casual sex Shiloh molecular Lady wants casual sex Shiloh We have… to varying degrees!.

And as waants expression goes! That is to say, both are individually unique! And our Lqdy and nurture are further impacted by our environments! From natural physical perturbations, to man-made physical perturbations e. And so… Lady wants casual sex Shiloh to conclude… to be genetically programmed to be transgendered i. And it is a composite caaual Lady wants casual sex Shiloh all of these features, that make up a YOU!

The Left often likes to use science — or rather, a modified version of science — in arguments related to atheism, evolution, abortion, climate change, etc. But just how it will deal with a new scientific study on transgenderism remains to be seen. This is not exactly groundbreaking news to those who exercise common sense, of course. It does not take a scientific study to confirm that a person who identifies as a horse, for example, is not a horse, or one who identifies as a chair is not in fact a chair.

But the study should provide some weight to the common sense approach to transgenderism, while simultaneously exploding the beliefs of some social justice warriors who may have difficulty reconciling this scientific study with their own sense of reality. The report argued that enabling acceptance of transgenderism through medical intervention is particularly harmful.

According to The New Atlantis study, in fact, conditioning anyone to accept impersonation of the opposite sex via surgery or chemical influences is harmful. Stella now contends that her transition only made things worse.

I Am Look For Vip Sex Lady wants casual sex Shiloh

Stella is a prime example of an observation made by the authors in The New Atlantis study. Author of Sjiloh article is an idiot. If you do not know the difference, look it up. Has this child been brainwashed into believing she is transgendered?

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Why not wait until age 15 before giving her drugs? Suppose she changes her mind at 18 and wants to be a girl? Could this be a playing out of what Angelina would have liked Lady wants casual sex Shiloh herself? She looked a normal girl holding her dolly at age 3 or Sjiloh. I was a bit of Lady wants casual sex Shiloh tom boy as a child but certainly I am all girl now. I pity Shiloh if she is not what her mother hopes Shilloh. Does it really fucking matter?

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Judge mental and ignorance. Seems that many celebrities and their kids have been transgendered by parents from birth.