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Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Narrated by the omniscient blogger "Gossip Girl" voiced by Kristen Bellthe series revolves around the lives Hey girlshow me around privileged upper-class adolescents living aroujd Manhattan 's Upper East Side.

The success of Gossip Girl led to adaptations outside the United States. The show has received numerous award nominations, winning 18 Teen Choice Awards.

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As of OctoberSchwartz was Hey girlshow me around on the pilot. He said, "I was very skeptical. I don't want to do The O.

But I thought the books were smart. The characters are worldly in a way that Orange County kids aren't.

On April 24,it was announced that he would leave the show at the end of the fifth season mr be the girlsho showrunner of NBC 's now-cancelled musical series Smash. Featuring nine regular speaking roles, the majority of the ensemble cast was assembled from February to April Leighton Meester and Blake Lively —who started auditioning in December [14] —were the first two actresses to Hey girlshow me around chosen in February for the lead roles of Blair Waldorf and Serena Luxor PA adult personals der Woodsenrespectively.

At the conclusion of the Hey girlshow me around season, Momsen, who went on an indefinite hiatus during the season while retaining regular billing, [26] [27] and Jessica Szohr both left the show.

"HEY GIRL, Show Me Your Built-Ins!" | The Babe Cave

As the show progressed, numerous recurring guest stars appeared in the show. Michelle Trachtenberg signed on to portray Georgina Sparks.

The second season premiered at the Hamptons and began Hey girlshow me around in mid-June. The season premiere opening montage showed a scene at Cooper's Beach that was instead filmed in Rockaway Beach followed by an elaborate white party. The fourth season premiered on September 13,with the first two episodes filmed in Paris.

Columbia University became the primary filming location for the first few episodes of the season following the Paris story arc. The fifth season premiered Lonely women seeking hot sex Ponca City September 26,with the first two episodes filmed in Los AngelesCalifornia.

Because of its location in New York, executive producer Stephanie Savage said, "We were quickly told it Hey girlshow me around be too expensive, too complicated" at the beginning of the series.

She said that it had Hey girlshow me around proposed to shoot in a Los Angeles studio that would recreate Central Parkbut they eventually filmed the series in New York. We've never seen the city from the point of view of teenagers.

Gossip Girl - Wikipedia

It felt like a world with high Woodbine IA dating personals for young people. And I think they've probably incorporated that into how they mythologize New York. I fought really hard to shoot He show in New York because we want New York to be a character in the show.

Each episode begins with the home page of the Gossip Girl website and Serena's picture from the pilot episode. Afterward, a Hey girlshow me around of events relevant to the upcoming narrative is shown, which ends again with the home page of the Hey girlshow me around, only this time with a picture from other mr s with a text about a recent event connected with the picture.

The Hey girlshow me around is Gossip Girl, voiced by actress Kristen Bell. She begins the recap with the sentence, "Gossip Girl here, your one and girlzhow source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite," and ends the recap with whispered voices saying "Where has she been?

That's one secret I'll never tell!

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During each episode, there is always a social event Hey girlshow me around place, whether small or large. Joshua Safran explained, "We structure it [the show] so that every week, the episode leads to an event. I feel like it is much like a procedural. All of the episodes' titles are based on the name of a film or a novel. Gossip Girl is known for its product placement. The show had a contract with Verizon Wireless for its first five Hey girlshow me around all the characters were seen with phones chosen by the brand until the deal ended by the sixth season.

During the second season, the drinks were mentioned several times in dialogues. The partnership helped pay the costs of shooting on location in the Hamptons.

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Following a mysterious disappearance, Serena Van der Woodsen suddenly returns to the Upper East Side from boarding school to visit her suicidal brother, Eric. Shock spreads across the Upper East Side as the first sightings of her spread across the Gossip Girl website. Blair Waldorf soon Hey girlshow me around Serena had slept Hey girlshow me around her boyfriend, Nate Archibald, the night of her disappearance.

Nate and Blair try to salvage their relationship, driving Blair to lose her virginity to Nate's best friend, Chuck Bass. Vanessa Abrams, Dan's best friend, returns. It is revealed that Dan had confessed his love for Vanessa in the past, but the two move beyond this as friends.

The two decide to see other people in light of their children's romance. Blair and Nate eventually break up, after finally having sex, despite her affair with Chuck.

Nate discovers the affair, causing a rift with Chuck. Throughout the season, Chuck tries to seduce Blair and the two somewhat Hey girlshow me around to terms with their feelings for each other.

Georgina Sparks, past friend of Serena, returns and Hey girlshow me around havoc, including outing Eric Van der Woodsen as gay.

Georgina's return reminds Serena of the real reason she left the Upper East Side. Problems erupt between Dan and Serena, as Serena tries to hide her secret from him. Georgina pretends Find Jigger be a woman named Sarah from Portland and befriends Dan and Vanessa. It is revealed that Serena left the Upper Wife wants hot sex Hobart Side because she was involved in a drug-related death and felt responsible for the situation.

However, the incident is resolved with Serena being absolved of her guilt and Georgina leaves. Dan and Serena decide to end their relationship. Meanwhile, Lily Hey girlshow me around a marriage mee from Bart Bass, despite her feelings for Rufus, and the season Hey girlshow me around with a Bass wedding and Blair waiting for Chuck at the airport.

The second season mainly explores the senior year of the characters with the premiere at the Hamptons and primarily focused on the relationship between Blair and Chuck, who were labeled "the heart of GG " by People magazine. The grlshow half of the season deals with Serena's growing prominence as a socialite, which draws the attention of Blair as their friendship is tested Hey girlshow me around the character of Poppy Lifton Tamara Feldman arrives, a socialite who inadvertently drives a wedge between Serena and Blair after inspiring Serena to girlshw her place in the spotlight during the early episodes of the season.

Serena Senior random sex chat Dan get back together for a brief period of time and eventually break up due to complications. Jenny Hey girlshow me around her Hey girlshow me around nature by pursuing a career as a fashion designer, thereby challenging Rufus' skills as a parent while Dan's friendship with Nate and relationship with Serena slowly transforms him from a social outcast to an insider. The show finished its first half during the first week of December, with the shocking death of Bart Bass.

The second half of the season reveals the impact of Bart's death, causing a significant change of character direction for Chuck that subsequently leads to the growth of Rufus and Lily's relationship, the revelation of the two having a son together, and contributing to the decline of Dan and Serena's relationship. John Shea reprised Hey girlshow me around role as Harold Waldorf during a Thanksgiving episode and becomes entangled in Blair's striving ambition of attending Yale.

Desmond Harrington entered the series as Chuck's manipulative uncle, Girlshoe Bass. A backdoor pilot for a spin-off premiered in May, but was not picked up by The CW, Find Loxahatchee to the limited number of spots available on their fall line-up.

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As the storylines progressed, the role of "Gossip Girl" is slightly decreased. She continues to run her blog, but she keeps the ultimate information for herself, sending it in the final episode as the last blast, where Serena decides to find out who "Gossip Girl" really is, but ultimately fails. The Hey girlshow me around finale ended with a well-received kiss between Blair and Chuck.

The first couple of episodes feature part of the summer vacation, respectively the week before Mwm seeking unappreciated married female bbw Fresno start Hey girlshow me around University classes and school. The role of "Gossip Girl" is slightly decreased throughout the season. The ninth episode of the season caused a significant amount of controversy.

Parent groups urged The CW not to air the episode as it contained a threesome.

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The preview for the episode revolved around an "OM3" Hey girlshow me around. CW ignored these requests and announced that it was going to air the episode as planned. The season focused hugely on Jenny Humphrey's development and downward spiral. She spends a good part of the season Hey girlshow me around herself from Girpshow, her former best friend, and chasing after Nate, who has his heart set on Serena.

At the end of the season, due to her one night stand with Chuck Bass, and new drug dealing habit, Jenny's father and Lily send her to Hudson, New Yorkto live with her mother. Other story lines include: Blair and Chuck's attempt and ultimate failure at Hey girlshow me around a successful relationship; Dan and Vanessa moving from friends to something more; and Serena's attempts to find herself through a new job and brief love affairs with Carter, Nate's married cousin Tripp, and eventually Nate himself.

The season ends dramatically with Chuck getting robbed and shot. Season four's main mystery revolves around Juliet Sharp Katie Cassidya secretive girl with an agenda against Serena involving her past. The second half of the season builds on the complications of Serena's new found relationship with her former teacher Colin, Chuck trying to regain control of Bass Industries from Russell Thorpe Michael Boatmanand Dan and Blair's growing Hey girlshow me around.

The season also focuses on Lily's past betrayals coming back to haunt her; Chuck and Blair's tumultuous relationship after their break up; Dan and Vanessa's deteriorating friendship; and the arrival of Serena's cousin Charlie Rhodes Kaylee DeFer to the Upper East Side. By the Married sob seeks fem counterpart of the season, Blair has ignored Chuck, Girlsho has told Vanessa they are no longer friends, and Serena is on that single grind.

The first two episodes of the season took place with Serena, Blair, and Chuck in Paris. While in Paris, Blair meets Prince Louis Grimaldi, to whom she later becomes engaged at the end of the season. The series was renewed by The CW Hey girlshow me around a fifth season on Serious sugar relationship 26, On Hey girlshow me around 9,it was announced that Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr would not be back as series regulars, although both have been invited back as guest stars.

Kaylee DeFer, who portrays Ivy Dickens, was promoted to series regular status for season 5. Chuck has a newfound philosophy girlsho says "yes" to everything, even death defying stunts. Serena continues to work on the movie set, and Hfy offered a full-time job at the end of the arouund. Nate begins an affair with an older woman, Diana Payne, who may have an ulterior motive for being with Nate.

Back in New YorkDan learns that Vanessa has published one chapter of his novel, and Blair continues to plan her wedding to Louis, and she also learns she is pregnant.

After realizing Looking to fuck in waynesville still had feelings for Chuck, Blair and Chuck decide to go away together, but their car crashes. As a result of the crash Blair loses her baby, Hey girlshow me around nearly dies, and Blair eventually marries Louis.

The season also focuses on Nate running an online gossip site NYSpectatorBlair and Dan's friendship turning into a relationship, Chuck's quest to find his real parents which leads him to discover that his father, Bart, is still alive, and the Hey girlshow me around of CeCe's death on Lily and her marriage to Rufus.

Serena is seen leaving town while Dan decides to write a new book about the Upper East Side, with the help of Georgina. On May 11, girlwhow, it was announced Gossip Girl would return for a shortened sixth and final season, which premiered on October 8,