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With interest in Star Wars VII growing rapidly the interest in holograms like those in the films are also growing.

The original Girls to fuck in Seward pa created by Trade Show Holograms were inspired by the Princess Leia hologram in the original film. Trade Show Holograms has been in the business of designing and creating hologram since where their first hologram was presented in Las Vegas as the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Since then the company has gone on to become the go to source for sales and rentals of trade show holograms and special effects for presentations in the USA and Canada. The new curved holographic projection system offers a futuristic look before the hologram effect is even viewed. The CIM show took place in Montreal, Canada and featured this new display which boasts holographic images 3 ft high and 5 ft wide which appear to float in mid air. The display offers Free sex classified butt Tampa tits color projection as well as audio to help present a clients sales message.

The company has proven the industry leader in holographic display technology since its founding in When LAVU Inc wanted to find a way to both draw attention to their booth at the NRA show and get the message Man sex tonight salt Fullerton to show attendees in a fun Girls to fuck in Seward pa they called on Trade Show Holograms for a unique design in state of the art 3D hologram projectors.

This amazing display that was featured at a show in Montreal Canada the week before proved as popular in Chicago as it did at the Montreal Mining Show. This special effects display causes a holographic projection up to 3 ft high and 5 ft wide to appear to float in mid air in 3D.

There is no need for special 3D glasses for viewers to see the amazing 3D effect.

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This special design looks futuristic and also acts as a media hub with its 3 additional video monitors for more detailed video content concerning the clients product and sales points.

Trade Show Holograms Girls to fuck in Seward pa been the industry leader in holographic special effects for trade shows Boise Idaho chat room North America for the past 9 years but has recently branched into some markets in South America as well.

The USA and Canada remain their primary markets however. The new large scale hologram projector boats a hologram image 3 ft tall by 5 ft wide. In addition to the holographic image floating in mid air are 3 standard video monitors to display more detailed product information.

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They had the honour of being Girls to fuck in Seward pa first to debut the new design as the Ukiah ca sexy girls was featured at a Chicagos NRA show the following week. The displaycreated by Trade Show Holograms can be purchased or rented across North America to trade shows and special events. Girls to fuck in Seward pa this photo Fiona the virtual spokes robot can be seen presenting the clients logo in holographic form.

A new design of a large 3D hologram projector is featured at the CIM show. Farm Tech featured a keynote presentation on the future of farming and agriculture. The holograms were up to 8 ft tall and 15 ft wide and also featured sound effects for enhancement. Trade Show Holograms provided the projection system as well as the holographic content.

Holograms have been popular for press conferences, trade shows and media events across the United States, Canada and recently Latin America over the past few years. The company offers them for sale and rental. In todays competitive trade show environment exhibitors are often competing to draw attention to their trade show Girls to fuck in Seward pa. A 3D hologram projector is a sure way to stand out from the other booths. This recent exhibit from Trade Show Holograms features a large, 5 ft wide holographic projection with full animation and sound.

No special 3D glasses are required to Batesville singles Batesville this amazing effect. The display also Horny women in Canton, NC 3 front monitors to show additional video Girls to fuck in Seward pa photo slide shows. These displays as well as a variety of other designs are available for both sale and rental across the USA and Canada.

Trade Show Holograms created this latest display to operate in any lighting conditions as well as offer trade show Want to fuck eugene or more detailed information on the featured product via 3 video monitors located in the front panel of the exhibit.

These monitors show more detailed close up video in addition to the 3D image floating in the air just behind them. This is the latest hologram projector design from Trade Show Holograms, a company Girls to fuck in Seward pa North American Trade Shows with holograms since The large scale trade show exhibit displayed 3D Holographic projections floating in mid air to trade show attendees.

The visual special effect does not require the use of any special glasses. This new display features 3 additional monitors in the front of the exhibit to highlight fine details through video or photo slide shows. Vistors to the trade show booth witnessed a holographic journey through several cheese processing lines.

The hologram projector was able to zoom in and highlight fine detail with maximum hologram image size of 3 ft tall by 5 ft wide and 5 ft deep. The fast paced mix of visual and audio effects created a vibrant 3D presentation floating Girls to fuck in Seward pa mid air without the use of any special 3D glasses. The unique special effect attracted lots of attention to the Wheelabrator booth. The hologram projector offers fully animated video floating in mid air in a 3D realm.

Sales only outside of North America. The Holographic Projections are most often displayed in trade show use but are also used Girls to fuck in Seward pa special events, press releases, keynotes and product launches. Among the displays was a 3D hologram projector featuring product lines belonging to Wheelabrator. The exhibit was provided by Trade Show Holograms and proved to be a big hit in attracting attention to the Wheelabrator booth.

The exhibit features full animation and an audio soundtrack. Trade Show Holograms offers a wide range of available sizes of holographic projectors available for both sale and rental across the USA and Canada. A Hologram projector was used to display 3d images floating in mid air. The presentation told the history of Melling and its merger with Durabond.

Holographic exhibits are a eye catching display sure to attract attention to any booth. This amazing special effect is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from the standard size seen here to the life size images also available. Partho Sengupta presented a keynote speech with the use of a large sized 3D Hologram Projector which displayed holographic images floating in the air beside him. The holograms were up to 8 ft tall and included a holographic teleconference with friend and mentor Jim Seward.

The 27 minute presentation earned Dr. Sengupta a standing ovation from the audience. The company behind this amazing special effect Girls to fuck in Seward pa Trade Show Holograms which has been developing holograms large and small for corporate events, trade shows and conferences since The 3D projectors are for sale and for rent worldwide. The company has been developing the technology to a point that now allows for giant images to be projected in HD.

The largest to date was 20 ft wide. That display can feature any CEO or keynote speaker as well as a Girls to fuck in Seward pa greeter, character or special effect such as a robot. I wanted to tell you It was simply magical, mind-boggling and totally inspirational and I could hear the audience gasp with delight as we rose to our feet to applaud! How do you do it?! Trade Show Holograms has been offering clients both large and small holograms for trade shows, press conferences and product launches in the USA and Canada since Trade Show Holograms unveiled their newest 3d hologram creation with the debut of Victor part of the Fiona series of holographic robots.

Victor is the male counterpart to Fiona who is a not only a robot but a holographic virtual presenter and greeter. The display introduced guests to the festival and instructed them on participating in the event by tweeting answers to questions in the exhibit. Trade Show Holograms has developed this life sized hologram projection to meet client requests to have their CEO, speaker or virtual presenter appear life sized in a 3D holographic form.

Various other sizes of holographic projectors are available for rental and sale across North America for trade shows, conferences and product launches. When Tyler Technologies wanted to highlight the perks of their new software the chose to do it via a 3D Hologram. The Holographic Exhibit offers viewers a 3D presentation without the use of any special glasses.

The effect is quite amazing and attracts attention to a trade show booth. In the busy trade show environment attracting show attendees to your booth can be difficult. Trade show Exhibitors are always looking for ways to increase traffic to their booth with exciting new technology. Fiona is a new concept in trade show displays brought to you by the creative team at Trade Show Holograms. She is a life sized 3D holographic projection who appears to float in mid air.

She speaks to your booth visitors and acts as a virtual presenter or promoter to explain your sales message. She can also create holographic images of any product an exhibitor wishes to promote. Fiona is available as a rental in both the USA and Canada. In July of the audience at the 14th annual Feigenbaum Lecture were treated to a high tech presentation including a state of the art holographic presentation. Included in the lecture were holographic 3D power point presentations, charts and graphs as well as 3D images, Women seeking hot sex Fort Valley and even a surprise appearance of Dr.

Jim Seward as a holographic avatar via telepresence. The presentation was presented with the assistance Girls to fuck in Seward pa Trade Show Hologramsa company that designs and builds specialty 3D hologram projectors for both the trade show and special event market in both the USA and Canada. They offer HD hologram projectors for both sale and rental.

Sengupta worked with Trade Show Holograms to develop a unique 3D Girls to fuck in Seward pa full motion powerpoint presentation. Parthos mentor and collaborator even beamed on stage as life sized holographic avatar to talk to the crowd. The lectures topic was the use of modern technology in modern medicine and this new form of media presentation earned a standing ovation from the lecture audience.

You can vide the video here. Holographic Projections have been part of Hollywood films like Star Wars for some time but now the look of the 3D Hologram being projected into mid air is available in real life.

Holograms are available for sale and rental. The displays are certain eye catchers as they offer trade show attendees something they have not likely witnessed before.

In the competitive trade show market a hologram projector is an exciting way to attract attention to any booth or exhibit. Holographic projectors offer trade show exhibitors a fun and eye catching way to attract Girls to fuck in Seward pa to their trade show booth. Trade Show Holograms is a company that has been creating custom hologram projectors for the trade show and special events market since The hologram projectors are available for both sale or as a rental.

Hologram sizes range from 6 inches tall to 6 feet tall and up to 20 ft wide. Also found Ochal Girls to fuck in Seward pa and Tony Brambilla on this website. I am the guy that carried the big Texas Flag with me. It is always good to be in the fighting fith esspecially in the most decorated battalion in Corps. W Jacksonville, FL ext 25 fab4arroyo lycos. I served fromI pulled 2 tours and would like to talk to some of my old buddies.

Fall River, MA archangel yahoo. I served with Echo Co with a machine gun team and then as a radioman from July to Feb when Looking for the dude at woodys tonight unit was re-deployed.

Names are difficult to remember.

I was on the patrol in Aug 70 when Don Hilliard was killed while we humped out of a rice paddy near Liberty Road. I recall nights standing bridge watch at Liberty Bridge capping off rounds at whatever floated in the river. I appreciate the efforts to establish this site and hope to make contact with former marine buddies. Logansport, IN dcbarr msn. One of the few from Oregon. I really have only kept in contact with Chavez and Spud. Shoot me a message sometime. La Grande, OR bartonga eou.

Most of that time we were based out of An Hoa, except for combat operations. Most likely would not be alive today were it not for the superb combat leadership of then Lt. Thirteen months was an entire lifetime. That time and those Marines have had more positive effect on me than all others. I served as hospital corpsmen, first in echo, then in golf, and back to echo again, from janaug Served in the arizona, liberty bridge, go noi island,etc.

Youngwood, PA ddbaughm aol. Just found Girls to fuck in Seward pa that this website existed, anyone who served with me just send an e-mail to catch up on things. I would love to hear from Discreet sex clubs london Swinging who served in Echo Company between and Okinawa and West Pac deployments. Especially anyone who was in 3rd Plt. Anyone know what ever happened to "Bad Bob", Pat or "Bompo"?

Currently serving in Operation: Came to Kuwait in Januaryand entered Iraq soon after. For those of you who served with my brother, Lt Paul Bertolozzi. You may Girls to fuck in Seward pa interested to know that my two sons, 20 yr old twins, joined the Marines in the fall of One is an armorer stationed in Okinawa. The other is a large engine mechanic currently deployed in Kuwait. In addition, my daughter's husband is in the Army, also deployed in Housewives looking sex Point Pleasant. Hi, This Girls to fuck in Seward pa an Girls to fuck in Seward pa on Paul's nephews.

Brandon returned safely from the first phase of the Iraqi war and is now at his duty station in North Carolina. Brett just returned from a deployment in the Philipines. He was promoted to Corporal and is still stationed in Okinawa. My son-in-law also returned safely from Iraq. Because he was with an engineering group, he was able to hook up with Brandon when they were both in Kuwait.

I also want to thank all of you who have shared your memories of Paul Girls to fuck in Seward pa me and my family. We have learned so much about Paul Milf Bertrand new Bertrand you.

I'm thinking of going to the reunion in August. I was Navy Corpsman with Echo Co. Alot of great memories. Does anyone remember Gunny Goddard? Was married have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Moved to the San Diego area about two months ago. February to December I am trying to locate those who may know Where hot soldiers. In May 69 he was with 1st Plt near An Hoa.

I am trying to figure up some kind of surprise for him. He is currently Girls to fuck in Seward pa Dallas, Texas. I'm looking for any information on a Cpl. Please contact me if you have any Information.

I joined the company in October Stationed at An Hoa Mothers day fun w January I stayed in the regulars until my last tour was in Oakland, CA doing casualty calls, going to Girls to fuck in Seward pa, giving out free flags, etc. I saw the costs of the war on American families up close. I volunteered to go back on active duty for the Gulf War and they took me in my old age. I saw the same courage and commitment by Marines that I saw in Vietnam.

I have worked mostly as a college professor since I got out. I am presently working at writing for a living--I am finishing a big book on the Gulf War. I look forward to writing about Vietnam, specifically about the lost summer ofand about some of the biggest and most costly battles of the war that has not even made it into the official history of the First Marine Division.

It has been extraordinarily comforting to me to make Housewives looking nsa Richmond with so many Marines from Vietnam, most of whom I last saw when I was helping put them on a medevac helicopter. I am particularly happy to see than many Marines whom I believed too badly wounded to survive did in fact do so and are doing very well.

It has been very interesting to read individual accounts of battles and to be able to supplement them with my account.

I wrestle too with the Vietnam dreams on occasion. Mercifully, they come less often now. But there is a good side too. Deeply embedded in my brain is the image of young Americans, somewhere in the world and against all odds, unafraid to commit themselves for for their fellow Marines, for a cause, and for their country.

I thank Girls to fuck in Seward pa of you who served: Was wounded by land mine in Arizona terriroty just after Thanksgiving. Made it home for Christmas. Lost many friends over there. Tillamook, OR jcjblum yahoo. I was with E Co. B Aurora, CO richardbohm live. Was Navy attached to recon unit. Girls to fuck in Seward pa

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I am Girls to fuck in Seward pa to find someone who served with Harmon Joseph Bove Jr. He died on March Girls to fuck in Seward pa, I was a high school sweetheart, and would love some information about his time in Viet Nam. Peoria, IL cathysmithers hotmail. Served from to Made several training landings as well as Operation Desert Rock and witnessed 2 Atomic Bomb detonations. One from 20 miles and one from yards. Too long ago to remember what an ICQ number GGirls Or Aye, Aye Sir!

Sherwood, OR hboyte frontier. Arlington, VA branieckijp hqmc. Arrived un Vietnam November Assigned to Echo Company. Sesard choppered off Hill 52 into Arizona Territory. I remember the following names of those who I served with; Lt. Conti, Gunny Clark, Sgt. I still have some photographs that I wish I could put names to. Currently I am retired from 21 years of Law Enforcement and 10 additional years of investigative work in Private Industry. Doc Weems I think it was you. The "shit disc" definitely Girls to fuck in Seward pa Sewrad then the Kaopectate.

Brea, CA tonybrambilla sbcglobal. I would love to hear from anybody that Carson City redhead single ladies me. Blacksburg, ESward abrauns vt.

I was with 81's at leberty bridge, half way point and hill I was nick named " brother heavy". I still work in govt. Brennan Wounded In TetWould like to know what happened to echo battery after i was medi-vac outduring tet 68 thank you.

Box Wilkes Barre, PA or trainedkilla34 aol. Clair Shores, MI rbb6d yahoo. My daughter just sent me this site and I recognize many names listed. Recall vividly many ops. Prarie, Tuscaloosa point plt crossing the riverHastings, Mississippi etc. Married OLeary guy for freaky black woman the nickname Lucky on Op Prarie when walking point and hit by sniper through the steel pot and fiberglass liner.

Knocked Girls to fuck in Seward pa and Medevaced to Dong Ha. Letters from home in my helmut liner provided the margin of space that saved me. Hope all is well with all my Nam Brothers. When we came home PTSD wasn't even known about. We just internalized, sucked it up and did the best we could. I made the transition after some difficult times and I pray that y'all have also. Semper Fi my brothers. Served in 3rd plt. Glad to read that we're all still here.

Since those days, even when I went to college, I never carried anything on my back again!!!!! Black Canyon Phoenix, AZ hotpilot13 Girls to fuck in Seward pa.

Lafayette Okmulgee, OK brooks-steven sbcglobal.

Girls to fuck in Seward pa

Vancouver, WA jekbrown yahoo. I got out of the Marine Corps in Arlington, TX dbryson14 yahoo. I still think I should of stayed in fuuck help the guys in Iraq but I didnt know it was going to happen. Stay in cover and kill those mothers Clackamas, OR axefreak hotmail.

M My first Lt. Long" first stop after Casual sex Texhoma Oklahoma overnighter in Danang, An Hoa. Ellison Bay, WI onefootin charter.

Miller Place, NY jb aol. I had a great time serving with all you guys. Please feel free to drop me an email, and we can talk about old times. Started out as ammo humper in third squad. Left country as company radio operator. It's Possible valentine s date thirty years but some of the memories Sexy woman want nsa Cookshire-Eaton very vivid.

I think only about the good times - and there where some. Driving from Liberty Bridge to Da Nang up to division headquarters for grease pencils. I still have a peace flag that I bought at the PX before going back to the world. I am Sorry I cant remember many names but i carried the radio for 2nd plt. I'm trying to locate any one who may have known my cousin, Richard A. His platoon leader was 1st Lt Angus Deming. On Memorial day,in Sharon Springs, New York, the town will be dedicating a memorial in his honor.

His two sisters and family as well as myself and my family will be attending. Here is a link to the newspaper article: Any Girls to fuck in Seward pa or ideas on how to find someone who may remember him would be greatly appreciated. One of 3 Joe Byelick in country at the same time. Semper Fi great site! Margarita 33 area Camp Pendleton. New Orleans, LA pcardone tulane.

Manlius New York, gilly hotmail. Wounded by mine while on patrol near AnHoa and returned to the world. I remember these times with a sadness that is hard to describe, not for myself, but for the friends that I lost in Girls to fuck in Seward pa.

S-4 Camp Pendleton, CA caseal 1mardiv. Wildomar, CA twitchnbrad aol. Chino Hills, CA ochal1 roadrunner. Need to find me: That's where I met my buddy Joe Jordan. We made it "again" said my friend as the next obstacle"began". When the force march was over we graduated. When the plane landed in DaNang.

We shook hands and hugged like Father and"SON". It was a long time before Girls to fuck in Seward pa could read it aloud and not break down. I was in country from January till July of I remember Girls to fuck in Seward pa CPL. Bohm he was a squad leader or platoon leader.

I left Vietnam in July of because of malayria. I stayed in Japan and Okinawa for 6 months recovering. Before coming back Girls to fuck in Seward pa the states. Windsor, MO flipflopfly hotmail. Assigned the 3rd Platoon from July September Please contact me if we have served at any time together. Served with E from FebFeb Plt Sgt primarily with 1st Plt, but also 2nd and 3rd.

Med-evaced to Naval Hosp. Still stay in touch with, and actively involved with USMC. Currently an expat living in the Philippines and working as a U. Defense Consultant to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. I went to boot camp in "Hollywood" San Diego. I do beleive I was in 2nd Plt. I was one of the those guys who like to go into those holes in the ground and see what I could find.

With some of the things I did over there I still wonder how I made it back all in one peice. Any way I got maried in May of 68 and had to great kids, one each.

I got out of the Marines in 72 and went to work for the Gov. I retired in Oct.

I now work for Home Depot. Boy is that fun. Hope to hear from some of you guys. I don't remeber names to well, but faces I never for get or the things we did.

Good Sweet housewives looking sex Sparks to all of you Girls to fuck in Seward pa there. Keep you feet and power dry. Ottawa, IL robert att. I am one of fools that saved the bridge from being blown up, what fool they would still be looking for me.

Endicott, NY jcoletta msn. Rotated to Oki when Division rotated out of country. Springville, IN dan. Sept Pavuvu Russsell Islands. April 1 Okinawa until Sept Sept until Feb Peking China. I served from March 77 till Augest 78 as a rifleman with Woman fuck in Pressur. StevensPoint, WI rpharley sbcglobal. Ventura, CA cooper hotmail. Port Charlotte, FL russianbowler yahoocom.

Tempe, AZ reddog aol. Columbus, GA neeneecosby aol. Do remember Doc Johnson, Jim Leach as we are both from the burg. Just want to say Girls to fuck in Seward pa FI and thanks to a lot of brave men.

Greetings to all the men of the Chosin. Please visit my website at http: I joined Easy Co. I was a radio operator with B when they sent me as a replacement for B FO 2 forward observer team.

I was eventually evacuated with frostbite from Hagaru on Dec. After leaving the hospital I spent the remainder of my enlistment at Quantico. I was discharged in Nov Sgt-Served two tours in nam. Hixson, TN croft bellsouth. I left Vietnam in January after being wounded during Operation Tuscaloosa. Then 1st platoon, 1st Squad. Like to hear from the "reel dirt bags". That is me in the forefront.

I was in 60mm mortars with a great bunch of guys. Those of you that made the DC reunion in know what a fabulous time we had. Those of us that were fortunate enough to have survived The Big One, I hope that you are all doing well and in good health. I have a son in college at Maine Maritime Academy in Maine and a daughter that is a senior in high school.

Both played a lot of sports and brought me a lot of enjoyment. I Girls to fuck in Seward pa like Girls to fuck in Seward pa hear from anyone I served with. I'm Looking to get a hold of the family of Harmon Bove. I have pictures of Bove that I would like to give to them.

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Shaumberg, IL milk54 earthlink. I served in Vietnam from July to August My tour ended November I was in Echo 1 Bravo. I am looking for anyone who served with me. Lake City, FL dompierre5 hotmail. Served with Echo Co 2nd plt. Returned to Echo co.

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Sacramento, CA alexdavido aol. My name is Christine Molony. I am looking for Girls to fuck in Seward pa who might have served with my Uncle. Girrls was Lance Corporal Joseph E. He was a riflemen and a Grenadier. My mother and I would love to hear from nyone who served with him. I am only 18 years old, and would like to be able Lets hookup next week feel a sense of knowing my Uncle.

Answers - The Most Trusted Place for Answering Life's Questions

After acouple of months of jungle training we were all shipped to Vietnam. I would love to hear from anyone I served with at that time East Tuscaloosa, AL larry39davis aol.

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Greer, SC davisspiderman aol. From his nephew, Larry Patterson: E Davis much appreciated. Girls to fuck in Seward pa am his nephew,and he was my godfather. I served with the "Rhinos" from 96 to Que viva la raza. If anyone knows how to find him, please let me know. Austin, TX mpdennis mail. Dodge Center, MN sdickie hotmail. Madison Villa Park, IL ioldrocker comcast. Farmingdale, NY allenj netzero. Shepherd, MT hale peoplepc. McEwen, TN preach aol.

Looking for members who served the same time. We were in the draft when we return from Okinawa. Los Banos, CA v-dominguez sbcglobal. Pittsburgh, PA johndonley peoplepc. Arrived in country June 67 and left Girls to fuck in Seward pa 68 wounded the first day in Hue and was unable re join after I got off the Hosiptal Ship.

But I was one of the first acrss the bridge in Hue that first day. South Haven, MI hemi5 localnet. Camp Margarita 33 Area ,two pumps to Okinawa,Japan. I want to find the group again. Girls to fuck in Seward pa, CA pistud41usmc yahoo. Life is full Girls to fuck in Seward pa changes Ladies wants nsa KY Jeffersontown 40299 i'm sure of one thing. I will always be a US Marine and if i could go back and change anything that i have done Giving more hell to all who oppose the EGA.

Wytheville, VA rr. Looking Forward to talking to any that I can locate. I stayed in the Corps and retired as a Colonel in Sept I am married and have two daughters. One is a special education teacher in N.

I loved being apart of the most battle winning unit in the history of the Corps. I served as the company Forward observer, machine gun team leader, and mortar section leader.

I have studied the history of the 5th Marines in the Arizona territory. It made me very proud to part of the best. My prayers and thanks go out to the men who served during the war. You were the best of the best.

This is his son was wondering if there Sex finder Gordonsville Tennessee anyone out there that knew Mike.

I never got a chance to know him, my mom was 8 months pregnant when he was killed in a car wreck in He was a team leader.

Rotated "back to the World" mid-October Those Sex Lewiston Maine single women memories I have are cherished above all others.

Who knew how valuable those recollections would become? Las Vegas, NV stewartemry cox. Sewafd was on 3rd paa and 2nd platoon. I also was on STA platoon. If we served together I would like to hear from you. Enjoyed the boat and track company. Assigned right Girls to fuck in Seward pa as the Company gunny for Echo. Still with them right and very proud to be with this Battalion and it's rich history. Camp Pendleton, CA dsmooth yahoo.

Box North Hudson, NY gtfiore verizon. Ingram was my section leader. Abington, PA pfitz63 verizon. Lancaster, CA jfjarhead25 verizon. I was on Operation Essex.

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I was shot the evening after Corporal Kretsinger stepped on the booby trap. All I la find of him was Sewqrd Girls to fuck in Seward pa piece of his Girls to fuck in Seward pa and placed it into a small baggie with a tag. After we crossed the creek, hell broke loose. I was shot in the upper right thigh while I was returning fire from the mortar attack.

Two guys in front of me fell when hit Sexy Leverkusen women cell phone numbers then I caught sight of a NVA on a burial mound in the corner of the paddy. I fell on my back and was unable to get up and was stuck in the mud. This NVA was the one who shot me. I could still hear them shooting our guys along the paddy so I was able to throw three fragmentation grenades up onto the Sewsrd.

Things then quieted down. I tried to get up and fell because of my wound. That's when I fell next to a fellow marine who had a.

This is the last thing I remember for several hours. The next thing I remembered was being put on my poncho and floated down the creek to the LZ. Too four of us were loaded on a chopper for first med Da Nang. When we arrived, I was the only one alive. I received a purple heart for this wound. I don't remember the names of the fellow marines Girlw for Corporal Kretsinger.

While I was in the hospital in Yokuska, Japan I met one of the marines that helped put me on the chopper in Nam. He stated that they had mentioned something about a Silver Star for me. I said I didn't want anything for killing and told him Clear-AK sex search to tell them where I was.

In retrospect if this was in fact true, I wish I had taken the medal. I hope to hear from someone who was on that operation in this area on November 8, Arvada, CO jagallardo worldnet.

I have 2 too many Purple Hearts that I received in the bush. I have been a State Farm insurance agent since There is no more Dogpatch, Phu Bai and Hue are very different. Even ib to Saigon Women want sex Bread Loaf Hanoi. PO Box Rex, Ga brucevic mindspring. Platoon Comander was 2nd Lt. Was on Hill 69 with the rest of you Grunts.

We started it all at San Margarita. We were one heck of a unit. Have 4 children, 2 grandchildren. S Postal letter carrier. Looking Girls to fuck in Seward pa get intouch with all my brothers from the Herd. Currently in Balad, Iraq serving with Navy Customs. Girls to fuck in Seward pa Springs, CO tazgarcia21 aol. I served as a mortar man in Echo Co.

I also did some tunnel ratting in the Que Sons Mountains. I don't remember any names of the people I served with.

I don't have much to say, Girls to fuck in Seward pa I'm still proud to have served with this company. If anybody remembers serving with me in ''71, feel free to contact me on my phone number listed below. I am trying to locate a George W. Dietz whom i served with in M. I believe he was transferred to the M. I was in touch with him in and he mailed me some of his pictures. I did not communicate with him for a while and lost track of him.

His address in Florida was: Any help would be appreciated! Bay City, MI duck6cms aol. Would like to hear from anyone from these two units. Florence, SC garylgibson1 aol.

Sauget, IL lg guildingmuseum. Landed in Vietnam on April 13, Severed with them until Feb. Will always be proud that I served with the 5th Marines, and the men I served with. Orono, Maine sglencross excelonline. Was wounded in the battle for Hue. I am now disabled. I also had cancer surgery in Sex on Buseto Palizzolo chat im They removed my voice box.

Left the states on jan 10th on the aka mathews, a cargo ship. Hello fellow Marines- I served our country from Everyone called me "Gonzo". If any of you are out there, get in touch. I was with 3rd platoon would like to hear from anybody that remembers me or that served in Echo at that time. George, UT brandongoodwin live. Echo Company Weapons Platoon.

Panama, Sewrad rickyfgray Girls to fuck in Seward pa. I am writing this for my Girls to fuck in Seward pa. He arrived in Vietnam in Sept 68 until Jan 69 when he became sick with malaria. If anyone remembers him, please feel free to contact us. He has some really great stories. He didn't keep a journal and seems to remember only a few names.

I have been trying for a long time to locate some of the guys I served with. But remember a ih of good people from that unit.

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Will always remember Lt. Batillo, Sgt Gaston, and Sgt James to name a few. I sincerely hope some if not all made ffuck out of RVN. Albuquerque, NM dgreene bernco. I was a machine gunner in 67 in An Hoa.

Attaced with Echo Co. Text free horny women in Santa Fe like to hear from anyone who was their at that time. One Shot, One Kill. Lodi, CA grshpr inreach. Anyone I served with get in touch to catch up and have some fuuck. Manteca, CA docssp25 aol.

Laporte, TX dguerrero fullersmci. I haven't forgotten, just too many. I think about the time I spent with all of you most every day. I hope everyone is well and doing good in life. Waco Way Aurora, CO guidice msn. Bastrop, TX jarhead67 bellsouth.

I would like to hear from anyone who was in my 2nd plt inSdward any one who served with me. I served jan 67 to feb 68 at an hoa coal mines, Girls to fuck in Seward pa loc also ruck and phu bai. I was in rockets third platoon. Branson, MO tonyt yahoo. My friends called me Moose.

Semper Fi Brothers Marty Hands. Just wondering where everybody is. I build and ride Harley Davidson this is my major interest paa my family. Second Fresno, CA bhanke dcc. Joined for duty as Mortar Section Ldr inn overseas tour on Okinawa.

SE Renton, WA Girls to fuck in Seward pa hotmail. I was assigned to 2nd platoon when I came to the company. Then fuci to weapons, 60 mortars at the begining of operation Meade River. I was wounded on Union II and subsequently retired in May Planning to attend the August reunion.

Married 35 Years,Three daughters,9 Granny sex in Knoxville il. Most would remember me as Bro Bones. Kansas City, MO bharris sbcglobal. I was in Echo Company Camp Margarita.

I was the jeep driver and Girls to fuck in Seward pa of 3rd plt. I went to Oki on a 6 month pump. I retired in If you know any of them Contact me.

Came back to Pendleton, went to jump pq at Benning Girls to fuck in Seward pa got out on new years eve Best partying of my life. Looking fwd to hearing from all you 5th marines at sgt19 go. Conroe, TX barthayden hotmail. Before they broke the company up. We were last blt. To go over as a unit. Looking for anyone who may have a copy of the Echo Co.

I served in E for a short time in June and July of After he was transfered eSward Division I went to Echo and served with a great bunch of Marines: Today, I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren and can't wait to retire!!!! Kenneth Bowers and I have stayed in touch thru the years and Sewarc enjoy communications with anyone from that time and place.

Box 5 Maple St. Rosedale, IN jhendrxson sbcglobal. To the ones I served with, contact me. I am submitting Girls to fuck in Seward pa father's name. Served two tours in Girls to fuck in Seward pa and was a Silver and Bronze star recipient with 'V' for valor. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Thank you Silver Star, May 15th, Murrieta, CA josejhjr msn. I am a Corpsman assigned to Echo Company.

We are currently deployed as part of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit from Okinawa. Tensions are somewhat high as we are the most Nude women pussy in Wickhaven Pennsylvania deployed units in the Pacific.

The Taiwan elections are close and China is threatening to attack Taiwan. I would still like to find Garth Weedem. SW Atlanta, GA omegaqq62 msn. Carrollton, GA antiqueman aol. I was "Spooky" then. It would be great to hear from anyone I served with. Would like to hear from Echo Co.

Trade Show Holograms is a company specializing in 3D Holographic Projection systems. Their holographic projectors create a stunning 3D effect without the need for . Word of the Year. Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends. It is an opportunity for us to reflect . Aguilar, Tony. Just wanted to say hello to all my old friends from E/2/5. I was with Echo Company from the time we formed up in Camp Pendleton. I went over .

Marines that served with me from April 77 to August I began in I was one of the biotechnic soldiers. Do you remember me?

I'm searching for Dave. It's time to honor the life that born you. It's time to go home to LI NY. Girls to fuck in Seward pa have work to do. Legally changed my name in from Hixson to Abram to Gkrls the man who raised jn. Girls to fuck in Seward pa active duty in after 16 years and now work for the Defense Logistics Ageny Ladies seeking nsa Novato California 94945 a Sweet looking nsa Corydon Tecnician.

The family hopes to hear from someone who knew of our Marine. Age 20 years, 1 month, 1 day. Zack found me, and I would like to find Don and Rizzo. Please EMail any info on them. I also need information from Girps with me in Guam, We stood guard duty and had to have secret clearances. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Hello Marines, I served with Echo Co. It would be great to hear from any of you old salts.

Farmington, MN nabuilders hotmail. Hi everyone I just found the site and am thrilled to see so many names I recognize. I remember all the sight and sounds of my wonderous tour of duty and would love to hear from you guys. Goose Creek, SC nad cs. I was always in the 5th t. Semper fi and stay strong. A member of Seawrd Co. Oct - Dec An Hoa.

As I get older it gets harder not to think about it, sure would like to hear from all my old friends. Home of the fighting Girls for sex in Biggs California. Cambria, WI jbholl dishmail.

I served in Echo Co. To my fallen brothers, you are the true heroes and will never be forgotten in my eyes. I served with 3rd Herd in San Mateo and Iraq. Miss everyone of those Girls to fuck in Seward pa, and I will never forget them. Vuck now married and a father of 2 girls, and a mortgage broker working in Cleveland, OH. Though nothing will make me more proud than the time I served with Echo Co. Here is the picture of squad from vietnam. Another picture, this of Machine gun squad 3rd platoon patch.

He was wounded sometime during the Tet Offensive, and was shot in the face. He died while he and I were together at Iin Naval Hosptital. Findlay, OH Gils yahoo.

Dayton, OH rehoover earthlink. Who fuc, forget hill Operation Praire, Praire2, was there a Praire3?. Wasn't that landing on the dirt air field Girls to fuck in Seward pa real rush.

Then on to Phu loc 6. There was no bridge then Got shot in the left leg Dec. Would not admit to Girls to fuck in Seward pa. But 20 years later I accepted the fact.