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Cmon just say fuck it

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I'm in Myrtle Beach for the Holidays. This is a case of too many news outlets looking for a story. The gate guard at gate 4 last night m4w you and another female Jush pretty much the only ones out there, other than security guards, you were the E-2 that took my id. I can pick you up or you can meet me there let me know.

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This trend I see where writers replace a letter in the word Cmon just say fuck it for a asterisk is just plain stupid. Or images of soldiers killing people, or bombs fuci on people, or some other scene of devestation. But when it comes to using the word Fuck everyone loses their fucking minds!

Whatever about juat the word Fuck, you certainly better not show two people fucking. The single most important act to all human existence and people find it offensive.

My dead jyst Alan Watts says words are only signposts. They are not the thing to which they refer. So what is it that offends so many people about the word Fuck?

What is it that stops people from using it, or others from even spelling it out in full on a page? If you take offence from a word then maybe stopping to actually consider what it means to take offence might be helpful. Try not taking offence maybe.

Whatever your motivation, just use the fucking word. Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.

I write short stories about the ordinary lives of people and the challenges they face. My stuff can be edgy, hard hitting, and sometimes controversial, but never contrived. Sign in Get started.

Spare us the pseudo concern for our sensitivities So many of us are so hung up on words. Or, The writer is trying to save their own.

How insane is this? Get updates Get updates.