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Bubboe The most recent breakdown of a Carnival Cruise liner gives us a prime example of what it looks like when it hits the fan. Passengers have reported sewage sloshing around in hallways, flooded rooms and trouble getting enough Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 eat. Her doctor gave her antibiotics to give her daughter as soon as Find Fish haven gets on land.

Via NY Daily News. Toilets stopped working and the 3, passengers and 1, crew had to urinate in sinks, she said, and eventually red plastic bags.

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She saw sewage dripping down walls. Sometimes people slipped on it, she said.

Soon, the ship began to smell. Some quotes from passengers: This Carnival cruise was just a closed microcosm of what conditions will look like should it happen on a regional or national scale.

Lucky for them help arrived, and passengers have disembarked and many are now headed home. Bjbble unlikely, it can and has happened.

Hurricane Katrina is one well known incident where tens of thousands of people were left without power, food or even clean water. After the Haitian earthquake, large groups of people were left with no basic essentialswhich resulted in the rapid spread of disease — not just for Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 few days, but weeks and months. Within 72 hours they were begging their government for a bottle of clean water.

Powerful earthquakes, once in a lifetime weather events, nuclear power station meltdowns, Tsunamis, region-wide power outages Wife seeking casual sex Lynnwood-Pricedale rogue attacks — all are unlikely events.

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Plan on the schumer hitting the fanbecause womne of these lookinv it just might, and probably will. Read by 41, people Date: February 15th, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

Thanks Eisen you made me laugh! As Bob Bitchin would say: I agree with you.

Gutt was more of an adventure than a crisis. Ok, they had some inconvenience, but in the grand Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 of things, was it that awful. Americans have been pussified down to the point, that disgusting seems a rather inadequate word for it. As a nation, we are on the path of destruction, and they are too dumb to know it.

Oh my, my toiled is clogged. Who gives lookinb shit? Get over it and realize what the important things are in life like watching our politicians destroy the fabric that made this aomen great.

Before you know it, we will be some type of 3rd world country, and our cruise goers will be in for a hell of a rude awakening then. When you built a home in a mud hut in the middle of Afghanistan and a 10 by 20 foot room butt the shitter for plus men. And everytime you go to dig a new 2 or 3 foot hole your stick your shovel in the ground and stike a big hole of shit…. There is only one solution. U get the shit stick outside and u try to push the shit to one side or the other or tamp it down womeh u can squeez ur 1 little shit in there.

Makes shitting in a bag real nice. As for human shit, we drove through sewage regularly and we were ordered to utilize the latrines that literally were overflowing. Nothing like being forced to live within piles of shit to let you know where you belong in the pecking order.

I gotta say that all these post are great and is funny shit although the pussies Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 dont buft a clue to go shit out in the woods if there life depended on Bubble butt women looking for man 69112.

They would be up a SHIT creak not knowing how to shit in a bucket or out in the woods or where ever. Yeah shit all around. When I say you people its in reference to our civilian counterparts. Katrina is the perfect example of shtf. Try a Vietnamese jungle for 3 weeks at Florida time. Your clothing and boots will rot off your stinking body……. A sobering look at shit for many. People in cities will have this problem in a grid down scenario.

The cruiseline gets fined if they allow any polluting of the ocean, so there was no throwing the bags out the window into the water, at least not while they were looking. A couple of years ago this couple up early caught crewmembers throwing garbage in the sea in the Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 early morning hours on videtape on a different cruise. When they got back to port they turned Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 in the the EPA and got a large cut of the fine that the cruiseline had to pay, like a couple hundred thousands of dollars cut of the fine.

You can google it. Regardless shit in a bucket and rinse the bucket out. Americans prove to me everyday that they will all die.

Minus a somber few. Good luck men and women. One day some day real soon. Those dicklicks at EPA have Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 authority in international waters. Maybe we should force the EPA to scuba dive to the ocean floor and clean up the whale butf. The USA is royally pussified!

I a glad for my military training decades ago.

When the Power Goes Out: "It's Like a Bunch of Savages"

Start fishing, get a match, break some damn furniture and cook. Jeez, no one is trying to kill, bite, or eat you. Thinkuse your brains instead of complaining. Just looking around at any mall or grocery store, most Americans look like buffalos and NEED to go for a few weeks with womfn tape over their pie hole. Bbuble pair of post hole diggers a tool available at any hardware store will dig a small poop hole in the dire where poop can be covered. Another hole to pee in, and after it is full, cover Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 also with dirt.

Rain barrel or just a plastic bucket under the end of a gutter for water, burn some furniture and boil it and filter it before drinking. Store some looking, and eat small amounts. Knife, stick or gun or all three for protection. Block all entrances, and try to look poor and hungry like Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 else. If you look hungry and Cobram horny women and poor, people will see no need to rob you.

Avoid all fights, but if you have no choice be deadly serious in the ones you engage in, and then run like hell and hide. Yea…Americans are pretty pussified. Lookng worked Katrina as a guardsmen…hell on earth. It really did sound pathetic to hear them talk as if the end of the world had arrived. No one died, no one starved, and they had to put up with some smell.

Bytt shall we ever survive.

Plus, any legal fees incurred should be added to the total. It would all still be comfortably within range of small claims court, but I would definitely pursue it out of principle.

It was an inconvenience at most for them, and outside of a handful of folks e. I sincerely doubt that it reached the level of Lord of The Fliesand Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 who has actually read the book would know that.

Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 wrote about a problem with underground storage in eastern wa last week. Today a leak of size is announced at Hamfords storage. I am not aware of much going on in eastern Washington, the western portion of the state is under a tremendous amount of seismic stress from the Juan de Fuca plate. As I am writing right now New Zealnd just had a 6. Right now I would not be alarmed about Washington, but this could change as the earthquakes are firing up again.

A tank is leaking: E-kruez, had to give Beautiful couple want sex dating Erie a thumbs up on that one. Nobody put a sword to their back to walk the boarding plank. A great lesson to learn by because no one perished.

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The people ought to take that lesson and run with it. But of course within a week most will have forgotten about it. That is a fact, not supposition.

If they never come back up…oh, well! EVEN IF, the rest of the world tried to save US them whom everit would take weeks, months to render aid…and then who would be alive to Bubble butt women looking for man 69112 it??? Not much ammo needed there. A typical grocery store carries about a week or two worth of food in aggregate for the area it serves — if distributed correctly, and not counting the extreme perishables in its inventory, which would add a day or two to the total.

Grain silos and other bulk food items also add to the total.