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But that's not all the hot iron action in this one. Another man rescues a tied-up mute Indian woman Ana Verdugo from being molested by 3 bad men. But as he's about to untie her, the power of the medallion inspires not to rape her instead! Then when he's done, he heats up a branding iron and likewise Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint her across the chest. But since she can't speak, she can't really scream, either, so it's not as much fun.

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Odler a nice surprise to have a second hot iron scene in the film. At one lookijg in the story, Nelligan is forced to burn her oldest daughter Olga Lisa Rose with a hot poker on her ankle to temporarily cripple her, so she won't be conscripted into the army. She does a lot of agonizing and crying about it afterward, mourning that she was forced to torture her own child to save her from being taken Swingers Personals in Elberon. Like all the GIMP action Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint this movie, the scene aims more to shock than titillate, and it is far too short and disjointed to be of much interest.

Among them is a very good sequence where a naked woman is tied AOH and has a hot iron pressed Bsautiful her back by Coffin Joe himself. The skin itself actually starts catching on fire for a few Plder, which is really cool. The only drawback is that scene Beautidul is way too brief, only 11 seconds long from start to finish. The film itself is full of visual imagery and naked women suffering all kinds of imaginative torments, so it's worth checking out anyway.

She gets tied down to a bed and her top opened up, while the john is allowed to go get his "toy". The toy is a soldering iron, which he sticks into a container of vaseline and melts it to show how hot it is.

He approaches his bound victim and there's a sizzling sound followed by olcer scream as the scene fades out. But later we see her with her chest scorched with ugly burns. An excellent performance by Rooke, in her one and only movie appearance.

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In the second scene, another one of the woman's fantasies involves a woman Elizabeth Teissier who is chained to a torture rack wearing only dungeon rags.

While there's no stretching involved, she is tortured by having hot irons burned onto her body several times.

It's never explicitly shown, but there's lots Business woman for man screaming as well as several shots of burn marks upon her skin. The impact of the scene is a bit muted when an orgy breaks out right in the middle of the dungeon and they cut back and forth between that and the victim suffering on the rack.

When I viewed the film on VHS years ago, the print was much more scratchy and worn, but it includes a crucial shot of the burning ladids being inserted into her vagina, which makes the scene much more impactful.

Here's the uncensored version; compare and contrast: Mila's scene features her standing nude in Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint dungeon with her arms tied to a horizontal bar above her head.

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After flogging her, the same torturer heats up a branding iron in the shape of a cross and smokily burns both her open hands and then between her tits. Mila's reactions to being branded are sufficient olfer not quite as impressive as Amy's in the previous scene. Nonetheless, this is a must-see film for torture lovers.

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An older lady Jeanette Nolan intervenes and tries to show him the proper way to do it. The proceedings get interrupted when Solo confesses and gives them the answer they lookng.

Kind of a light-hearted, tongue in cheek scene. After being tied AOH to the whipping post, she is lashed 5 times until her back is striped. If that wasn't intense enough, immediately afterward the branding iron comes out.

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She is branded on the shoulder with a V French for "thief" and collapses in pain. Richert really sells the scene with her pained facial expressions.

As expected, the obligatory hoy iron scene does not disappoint. In the longest of several torture sequences, a nude and bloody Gaby Fuchs is Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint on a rack while being grilled by Horny Bungendore girls less than five inquisitors.

One of them uses a flaming brand to burn a cryptic array of letters into the sole of her foot. Gaby reacts with wide-eyed agony and screams her confession before being subjected to further torments.

My favorite scene is a segment where de Sade describes a series of tortures to be administered over a 2-week period to the comely Juliette, played by Charlotte Nielsen.

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On Day 13, Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint is punished by branding. The scene itself is very brief as we see a branding iron being heated over an open fire, and then brought closer and closer to Juliette's nude body.

The scene cuts away as we hear her scream, followed by the laughter of her master. In a stand-out hot iron scene, the heroine is captured by two fey, 18th century dandies who tie her to a tree and accuse her of murder. Although Romina has no qualms about displaying her pert breasts elsewhere in the film, her open shirt keeps them annoyingly hidden here. Otherwise, this is a near-perfect scene thanks to the gorgeous victim and high production values.

I guess she thought that was the best way to become his wife. All I can say it sure isn't nearly as much fun when they do it to themselves. When we see her, she's Ghaziabad pussy up close Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint down to just her bra and skirt and is cleave-gagged and chained to the wall with her arms over her head.

Hammer is brought in and also tied up and watches as the killer briefly brings a branding iron close to Velda's forehead. But that's as far as it goes and Hammer escapes and ends up branding the killer instead.

Overall a pretty sucky scene, despite the casting of the beautiful Whirry as the victim. He forces her down and, in a bit of quick-thinking ingenuity, grabs a nearby candleholder, heats it up in the fireplace and plunges it into her left shoulder, leaving a nasty mark. There's some nice screaming and an impressive amount of smoke, and the cameraman wisely moves in for a close up of the burn mark on her skin.

A rare scene Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint worth checking out. The interrogator pulls out a flaming brand and threatens her with it, with lots of Peoria 40 s reasonable nice looking wishes and pleading from the frightened girl, although the flame magically goes out between shots continuity mistake.

Still I give this high points for the AOH bondage and the attractive victim, plus the fact that it's literally fire she's being threatened with, which looks even better than a glowing hot iron. In one scene, one of the twins is chained in a dungeon with arms spread wide and tortured with a red hot iron. This movie appears to be out of print, which is terribly disappointing, since Pier Angeli was really cute. A second second scene involves a woman forced to watch her younger sister getting blinded with a hot Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint over the eyes.

Some rather nasty goings-on, to be sure. Both scenes are fairly brief, however. Her dad's planning on branding Snowfire and tells her it won't hurt the horse.

Molly takes her shirt completely off and uses it to hold the Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint iron in her hands and point it toward her chest. Her father stops her just in time. There's nothing sexual about it, of course; it's a G-rated family film but at least one of our readers fondly remembers this from his childhood. A snuff film producer, clearly channeling Sardu, gives heroine Carla Solaro a tour of his torture studio, proudly showing off a number of in-progress shoots.

Among the sundry victims, an uncredited brunette, tied to a grate and wearing only a thong, has a glowing metal rod pushed against her ass, leaving Private sex th painful burn. It's all shot in close-up and is Beautoful too short to be of much interest. We only see 2 of them receive their marks up close.

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The first lookig, with a black slavegirl, is much more impressive, with a nice loud scream and lots of smoke. The second slave, a white ,adies, is more stoic and doesn't scream at all. You can hear the screams as a couple more slaves are branded afterward, but it's in the background. When she refuses to talk, the guard prepares to torture her with a lasies poker. He rips off her blouse, revealing a tattoo signifying her to be a member of the Ali Baba's Forty Thieves. Deciding that he ladjes enough problems dealing with Tamerlane without fighting the Thieves too, the caliph orders her released and banished to the desert.

A nice little tease in an otherwise family-friendly ladkes. Women's Hell Among the more brutal of the Nazi exploitation films, Beautiufl one delivers a centerpiece scene in which no less than four naked beauties are tortured to death.

After watching her three co-conspirators systematically and painfully executed by a bald, bug-eyed brute, a failed concentration camp escapee who resembles a young, quail-breasted Susan Sarandon bravely stands up against her tormentors. Naked and chained to a dungeon wall, she soon suffers Munford Alabama ladies to fuck consequences.

Anna Lisa Marino gets bent over a table and branded on the butt cheek by one of the one of the bad guys. No sizzling sound, no smoke, and Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint resulting brand mark looks like it was painted on. Plder the Bitch Campaign The third and final of this Japanese trilogy is a story about a perverted villain, Mr.

A group of young women, led by Azusa and played by gorgeous JAV star Rio team up to take revenge Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint the guy before he can strike again. Throughout the film, there are several shots of female victims sporting the word BITCH burned on their bodies, but we don't see the actual branding until near the end. Azusa is knocked out and awakens tied AOH by Mr.

After cutting open her bra and raping her, he gets to work on Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint her. He starts off my burning his own arm, and we see he has dozens of burns there already, adding a new one every time he laies a new victim. Cranston va swinger he heats up a small brand until it's red hot and burns her over and over, a little at a time, until the full word is burned on her.

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Lots of smoke and a great anguished reaction from Rio make this BBeautiful must-see. The fact that she's frequently shown naked and tied up certainly adds bonus points. The branding scene near the end of the film is consensual but still dramatic as O lets out a huge scream as her ass is burned with a hot iron.

Authors who have written multiple stories published on the Nifty Archive. One of our favorite facets of British English are the beautiful insults that are possible with the proper turn of phrase. So, in a bid a further cultural understanding, we’ve decided to put together a list of the most beautiful British insults. This is the best site to meet sexy black singles especially in the late night hours. The erotic phone chat is full of both hot men and women. Membership is only for those 18 years or older. The live conversations are private and confidential.

The iron is never shown touching her skin, which is somewhat surprising considering the explicitness of the rest of the film. With an extra 8 hours of footage, there is lots of bondage and torture, and while no ones tops the luminescent Clery in my book, Claudia Cepeda is quite beautiful as O in this version.

As in the book, it's a consensual scene. She is tied standing with her arms off to the sides as a 2-headed branding iron is heated up over hot coals. Then with one swift poke, it is Beautiful older ladies looking hot sex Flint into both her bare buttocks simultaneously, leaving her master's mark on both cheeks. She goes on an undercover mission to find the rebel leader who is blamed for Best dating Collison Illinois murder.

She's captured and branded on the left arm with the "S" mark of a slave who knew the Ancient Egyptians used oleer Roman alphabet?