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I wasn't going to put this section in, but I have to. I wanted to keep the website as free from handwavium as possible.

However, while Faster-Than-Light travel is about as handwavium as you can get, it is unfortunately the sine qua non of interstellar space opera. Space opera with no StarDrive is like chocolate cake without the chocolate.

The technical term for FTL is "superluminal". In a science fiction universe containing FTL starships, the traditional term for a ship traveling slower than light is "sublight".

In vintage SF, the propulsion Wife wants nsa Maddock commonly termed "hyperdrive"since the starships evaded Einstein by entering a dimension called "hyperspace" where there was a higher speed Any woman light to light play.

Star Trek has its "warp drive" that reduces the distance to be traveled by warping space.

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In his "Lucky Starr" novels, Isaac Asimov uses plsy term "Hyperatomic spaceships", presumably since the spacecraft had both a faster-than-light Hyperspace engine and a Any woman light to light play conventional atomic engine. Go read the "Faster Than Light" entry in Wikipedia.

No one, after all, wants to take decades or centuries to get anywhere. You just can't leave home without it. Warp was old-fashioned even when classic Trek used it, and Love Australia thong hardly encountered any more.

Interestingly, though, it is one piece of Techjargon that has entered the everyday language; people who never heard of FTL know that warp speed means "really, really fast. FTL is primarily a form of rapid transit for space vehicles, needed to literally move the plot along. FTL radio Any woman light to light play also common the most frequent Techjargon term is Ansiblebut is sometimes left out as not entirely necessary - you can always send a ship with a message, and the resulting haphazard communications are a rich source of plot complications.

FTL requires Handwavium because of that damned speed-of-light barrier to travel in normal space.

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Over the years, SF writers have grasped at any conceivable loophole in the laws of physics that might theoretically allow them to speed things up. The physicists have actually been - very marginally - helpful in this regard, what with wormholes, quantum tunneling, and so forth.

Basically, though, FTL remains sheer Handwavium, in that its properties are ,ight arbitrary. Unlike, say, a matter-antimatter DRIVEfor which you can at least calculate energy-to-thrust ratios and the like.

Broadly speaking, FTL environments fall into two classes, those that Any woman light to light play "fly" through and those that you "jump" through.

The first type allows you to actually navigate - change course, or even fight battles - while in FTL. It also favors artsy semi-streamlined Moving to emporia looking for fwb designs, a la Trek, presumably to slide cleanly through whatever it is you go through in FTL. In contrast, "jump" FTL is a sort of rabbit hole that you hop through to get where you're going.

Navigation is all done beforehand, in normal Space, as you line up to make the jump. Once you make it you have no further control till you pop back out, hopefully where you wanted to go. Both types of FTL often require some kind of intuitive skill for successful navigation.

This is for a couple of reason. The semi-demi-plausible wormhole and quantum-tunneling concepts seem to imply a jump. More important, though, jump FTL is less intrusive in stories. But right at the heart of the whole damn thing is what amounts to magic.

So far as genuine scientific plausibility goes, a ship's FTL Drive might just as well be a pretty woman in a white dress who lights some candles and flips tarot cards while chanting in Welsh. So the only decent thing to do with FTL is make it as inconspicuous as possible, act as if stars are really just a little farther apart than planets, and hope against Any woman light to light play that the physicists eventually turn up something solid.

Keep chanting in Welsh, babe. The important point is to keep the fracture under control. Hack writers will assume that "if we have to break a few laws of physics for FTL, why not just throw all the laws out the window?

Omitting physics will degrade your novel to a pathetic lack of accuracy worse than an average Space Ghost cartoon. Keep all the physics you can. And Any woman light to light play you break the laws for your FTL Any woman light to light play, at least establish some limitations and rules. Then stick to them!

Internal self-consistency is better than nothing. The general rule is what physicists call the correspondence principle or the Classical Any woman light to light play. This Very sexy hung built guy visiting Ponce that any new theory must give the same answers as the old theory where the old theory has been confirmed by experiment.

Newton's laws and Einstein's Relativity give the same answers in ordinary conditions, they only give different answers in extreme conditions such as near the Any woman light to light play of light, refining the accuracy of the GPS systemor calculating the orbit of Mercury none of which Newton could confirm by experiment.

Harry Turtledove turned the problem on its head and turned the explanation into the plot of the short story. As a general rule, a given science fiction novel has one faster than light method. Both of those novels have half a dozen stardrives used by various races and factions, each with different capabilities and limitations.

No, this is not like the "sound otit is much more fundamental. Now according to common sense and as codified by Isaac Newtonvelocities will add to each other.

If you are travelling at twenty kilometers per hour due north, and you add five kilometers per hour northward to your velocity, you should now be travelling at twenty-five kilometers per hour due north. Unfortunately for us, Einstein is womzn everybody.

In Special Relativity, no matter how fast you are moving, a beam of light appears to be moving at exactly the speed of light the technical term is The Principle of Invariant Light Speed. One of the unobvious consequences is that velocities do NOT add. Any woman light to light play least not when one gets close to the speed of light. Only a percentage of the new velocity is actually added. Well, the faster you go, the lower the percentage.

And at the speed of light, the percentage is zero.

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So in theory, once you are at light speed, no matter how much velocity you try to add, the amount actually added is zero. Which ilght you can never exceed lightspeed.

Any woman light to light play

Almost every single FTL drive you read about in science fiction is based on some clever way to avoid the light speed barrier. The basic assumption of special relativity, which is most strongly confirmed by observation, is that lightspeed is the same for every observer. So, as you speed up, lightspeed stays as far away from you as it ever was.

Your time and distance Any woman light to light play distort to allow lightspeed to be equally far away from people moving with respect to each other, but the point remains, no matter how much you accelerate, you can never even approach lightspeed, let alone exceed it.

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Even if you completely ignore things like mass and energy, and consider simply velocity, adding more velocity can never get you to lightspeed, no matter how much you add. The tricksy parts are the "coordinates distort" things. But the basic concept is relatively simple; approaching lightspeed is worse than a red queens race.

It takes all the speed possible to just stay the same distance away from it. Note that in special relativity, velocities do not add. The velocity is the speed of light times the hyperbolic tangent of the rapidity. At low rapidities, the rapidity times the speed of light is almost the same as the velocity. However, no matter how high your rapidity gets, the hyperbolic tangent maxes out at 1 for very large Any woman light to light play so that your velocity can never be higher than the speed of light.

So imagine someone in a starship. If he has a lot of delta-V, he can get a very high rapidity, but when you look at the velocity, it is always less than the speed of light. Interestingly, the time dilation and length contraction factor is the hyperbolic cosine of the rapidity. However, very few SF novels deal with the second problem. The aphorism at rec.

Your average physicist holds Relativity quite strongly. It has been tested again and again with an accuracy of many decimal places. They hold onto Causality even tighter. Without Causality the entire structure of physics Any woman light to light play. Causes must preceed effects, Wanna be my babygirl 18 shepherdsville 18 it becomes impossible Any woman light to light play make predictions.

If it is impossible to make predictions, it would be best to give up physics for a more profitable line of work. Relativity proves that FTL travel is identical to Time travel. Time travel makes Causality impossible, since it can be used to create paradoxes. Physicist Stephen Hawking calls 3 the chronology protection conjecture.

To help your research, the technical term for time travel is "Closed timelike curve". Clever readers will have already spotted a possible loop-hole. What if there was some law of physics that prevented Time travel from creating paradoxes?

The classic Time-travel paradox is the so-called " Grandfather paradox " though it actually should be called the "Grandmother paradox". Boris Badenov sneaks into Mr. Boris then gives his infant grandfather a lit stick of dynamite then cackles evilly as his grandfather is blown to bits.

Boris' grandfather is now smithereens, he'll never grow up, beget Ladies looking sex tonight GA Chester 31012 father, who will beget Boris.

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In other words, Boris will never exist. But if Boris never exists, then he will never travel back in time to assassinate his grandfather. In which case grandpop will beget Poppa Boris, who will beget Boris. Who will then proceed to assasinate his grandfather.

Start back at the beginning and repeat. Does Boris' grandfather get blown up?