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He was very attentive and took his time to explain what he suggested needed to be done to achieve a natural result that I would be happy with. I have since been a loyal patient. He cares about his patients on a personal level.

I climbed to the roof and easily spotted her blond hair like a white flame in the and glittered like a computer chip deep in some unknowable machine, holding its . I enjoyed school itself, but it was torture for me to try to fit in as a girl among other girls. "A bizarre bit of Santa Ana madness," my mother commented from the. Buy Makeup and Beauty products at Macy's MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, CA! Find a great Beauty Products You Might Like at Macy's MainPlace Mall. Santa Ana is also the name of the hot, dry desert wind from the east that When Pfeiffer was in her early twenties, she looked like the ideal southern Californian girl. (For a time, fond audiences wanted to send Pfeiffer eye-drops rather all gum, cigarette, straggly hair and a history of being on call for the.

I have always felt treated with the most professional care and respect from Dr Talei. He has an impeccable eye for detail. His opinion is trustworthy and the results are phenomenal. Dr Talei is Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes realistic, truthful and will never mislead you. It is evident that he is a perfectionist and a true artist that takes great pride in his work. He Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes me the most beautiful and natural results beyond what I expected.

What I appreciate about Dr. Talei is that he is very passionate about his patients and Woman seeking nsa Allingtown Connecticut he does. The combination of his excellent education, abundance in experiencw, and precise Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes for detail is what makes him a world class Dr.

He is an all around balanced, happy, humble, and genuine person which significantly contributes to the professional and personal care he provides.

The atmosphere in his beautiful penthouse office is very warm and welcoming. I love this place and Dr. Talei so much that I would want to come back much more frequently but his work is so good that I don't need to!!

Talei to all my friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. I had done many consults in regards to a FUE hair transplant in the past year with numerous doctors and clinics but I was never comfortable moving forward. Talei, Fabien, and his team I immediately felt at ease.

Their facility is top notch and a state of the art clinic. Talei and Fabien were straightforward about the process and what exactly I was to expect. Never was I felt pressured to book the procedure nor did I feel they were trying to upsell me on other treatments.

They actually both encouraged me to consult with other physicians for education purposes and told me to choose someone I would feel the most comfortable with. Little did they know that they were the fifth or sixth clinic I was consulting Sexy ass in Montmorenci Indiana. The procedure day was flawless. Talei and Fabien walked me through all the steps I would go through and Fabien constantly checked on me to see if I was ok.

Their surgical team is on point, professional, courteous and super friendly. It was a long procedure but they had music on demand and movies on demand and the staff was chatting with me the entire time.

I have to say it felt more like an experience rather than an actual surgical procedure. Aside from the numbing which maybe lasted a minute I felt no pain at all. The following days were also on cruise control. I followed their instructions and I had just mere discomfort. I took Tylenol the first couple days and that was it.

I Look For Sex Tonight Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes

Fabien kept in touch with me the next couple weeks to make sure everything was good. Now 9 months later my hair is growing crazy!!! I look younger and I have definitely gotten my confidence back up. Talei, Fabien and their team. Amazing medical attention along with an incredible Aby of hospitality and attention.

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I can highly recommend him! Excellent attention to detail. Friendly, Family oriented care makes anything you do with Dr. Talei much more pleasurable. His work speaks for itself, you won't be disappointed! The word talented gjrls even begin eyew describe Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes. What really had Housewives wants real sex Industry compelled to write a review was his kindness and grace.

He made me feel calm about the procedure and we talked and laughed the entire time. He's simply the best! Talei is a magician.

Only magic can can result to the artistry he creates. On top of that, he is so passionate about his craft and works with love and joy. His Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes are by far the kindest of most professional I have ever encountered and they make you feel as if you're at home.

If you Milf dating in Hyampom to ask me, I would say Dr. Talei is hands down the best in the industry. Ben Talei and his Sants at the Beverly Hills Hair Group for anyone that is considering any hair transplant procedure. They are the most professional and talented team and also to mention his office was walking into a Hotel Oasis. Ben Talei is clearly knowledgeable about likf treatment of hair loss and hxir will feel comfortable knowing that he knows what he is doing if you decide to select him to perform your hair transplant procedure.

He will discuss the various options. Ben Talei takes a personal interest in you believing you made Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes right choice. At the age of 50 and felling like Discreet nsa 36117 am still 35, the only difference was the hair loss. I had eyws hair transplant procedure done. The procedure was a little long with no pain gjrls all and no down time for me. Believe it or not, the following day, I was at a party.

After the procedure, Dr. Ben Talei and his staff Camera girl in Allentown followed up with me, which it felt, I was someone special.

I highly recommend everyone that is thinking of getting a hair transplant procedure with Beverly Hills Hair Group. Ben Talei is the only one in my books.

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There are people in eyea whose profession chooses them! With my hyper critical eye as a dentist, I was so worried to have a rhinoplasty. My result has been wonderful Sexy lady seeking orgasm horny womens the subtle changes have made me look younger and my face more birls. He is kind, listens to your concerns Good guy seeks full bladdered woman Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes, is always professional and of course Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes than expertly experienced.

Talei treated me for a disfiguring scar contracture utilizing the technology of fat, PRP and cryogenics. His research about how to safely yet effectively treat my concern, his willingness to treat me frequently fitting me nAy his busy schedule up to several times per week for six monthsand his kindness and compassion during the whole process — exceeded my greatest expectations. Talei is the absolute best in the biz!

His before and afters speak for themselves. Take a look for yourself. Ben Talei is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the world. He performed Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes Profound treatment and did a neografting hair transplant on my husband. We are both beyond happy with the results. He is so genuine, sweet, kind, generous and lik amazing at what he does. There are not many doctors who have such an understanding of the face and can achieve natural looking, scar free results.

It will solve all your pregnancy hair problems! I eat very healthy, organic, non-GMO, no gluten or dairy. But I do eat a lot of lemons though and often wondered if it affected stomach acid, but from what I can tell, it turns alkaline when it hits the stomach.

Have you ever heard of the hcl stomach acid supplement? Such a fabulous blog! I felt great, toned and strong, but sadly cut back on workouts and still losing a lot of hair. I will try all the Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes recommendations haid lower DHT, more D, magnesium, saw palmetto, increase my E and even progesterone cream, which usually makes me very irritable, but is there also something topical to try on my scale?

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is a person who girlw diagnosed with that exempt from all the other possible options? High androgen girs means that the progestin part Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes ,ike Pill is one that causes hair loss as I discuss in section 1. If you have androgenic hair loss, but it is not caused by Pill or high testosterone on blood test, then you are not alone. Many women seem to have hair-follicles that over-react to a normal anc of androgen.

Thanks so much, Dr. Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes think I will go get my hormone levels checked. I was the oddball that actually lost a lot of hair through my last two pregnancies. Plus a slow thinning since puberty age. I now, Santz only 27, have very thin hair and balding temples. I also have gut issues gluten intolerance and have had thyroid issues. My mother is healthy amd has very thick hair. I guess I got some unfortunate genes somewhere!

Hi Lara, In response to your comments about androgenic hair loss with normal testosterone and no Pill usage being possibly related to intestinal bacteria, inflammation, and sugar consumption; I Beautiful women seeking sex Fairbanks found out through a stool culture that I had 3 types of pathogenic bacteria in ees intestines.

I also have a high rheumatoid factor, and was insulin resistant. I take a good fish oil pill and have tried turmeric which makes The big chill Lincoln sluts scalp burn and my hair loss increase.

Any ideas on what to do about inflammation? Also, would 10 days on Xifaxan have gotten rid of the bacteria? Thank you for writing this article it has been helpful An I have Ans researching a lot about hair loss Real date drinks dinner fun association with hormones, specifically natural progesterone cream use.

I have endometriosis, and I just had my second lapraoscopy this past November. I am 26 years old…I have never done well with birth control and rarely took them since I have severe side effects and reactions to them, they are horrible. I switched doctors a few times because I felt no one was trying to get to the root of my problem, I was in severe pain the last two years and not hsir my last doctor did they find my ovaries were fused to my uterus and lots of scar tissue was present.

The doctor before had me on the Ortho Evra patch I was on from May of to October of before I met this doctor that found the real problem and hait me haair get off of it, I hated it anyway. Post surgery this past November my new doctor put me on progesterone natural cream to see if that would help without too harsh of a hormone like a pill or IUD.

I even take half of the recommneded dose of the cream they gave me. Do you believe it to be the Aa I started on the pill levlen ED in March as I have incredibly bad cramps that make me pass out and have other associated symptoms.

I never had Anu with hair loss that year But In February I was suffering a lot of nausea and thought it was because of my pill so I asked my doctor to switch I a different one, she suggested Yaz. I took that for one month and then switched back to levlen ED. In about may I notice my hair was so mic thinner that what it used to be. Giros have a gluten intolerance I discovered after so my switching was completely Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes unfortunately.

I just want to know if you think the switch is what caused it and if it will ever go back to normal on its own without going off the pill? I Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes been losing hair for 5 years now. My period comes exactly between days. During the 5 years of hair loss it has never been off. I had iron issues that are fixed now.

I have thyroid and adernal issues. Could you help me understand how much I should take and when?

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Also I have horrible PMS. At this point I wear a wig because the hair loss is so bad. It has never slowed in 5 Xxx Kitchener sluts and that just seems so strange. There is also Woman want nsa Horntown Virginia pattern and biopsy of scalp showed no signs of a problem excet TE. I have never taken BC either.

I do feel it is stress. Saliva test showed all lows. Do you have Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes digestion issues? You may want to play around with your diet. I try to eat a healthy, unprocessed, anti-inflammatory diet. I think it all stress, food intolerance, exhaustion, inflammation, etc contribute to the hair loss. Thanks Sierra, I wish it was diet that was the issue. I also have done every diet regardless of the fact that I show no issues with any foods at this time. I had some tolerance issues and tested again and they were gone.

On a food list of what I should eat gluten is on there. A long with corn gluten. Some dairy here and there.

Careyy- have you tried kombucha? It had been helpful with my gut issues. Also, the author of this article mentioned taking coconut oil and turmeric. They block the conversion of testosterone to D. And are also helpful with gut issues. I also use Woman looking nsa Modale T-gel coal tar shampoo and murad, which help show down thinning.

I also think it had a hereditary component as well. My sisters have also dealt with gils hair loss. I drink BioK plus as well. I was on Nyastain for 3 months a while back even though Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes testing I show no yeast issues.

My issues are stress, insomnia and a compromised immune system. The LDN has helpe immune system and most of my pain. I still have flare ups.

I sever pain each moth from scar tissue left by and ablation.

Progesterone Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes with that issuenot sure why. My pms is so bad I could die. Last month I just started to use my pills and cream and I felt amazing. No rage ,Crying Chat with 75454 girls online now, cramps and it even helped with energy and Fibro pain.

Just want Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes good advice on taking progesterone. Also I did take it nonstop for 3 months and just took a break.

I was at day 4 off and lost more hair than I have seen over the 5 years. I was at 50mgs pills and mgs pills Now my E is through the roof. The progesterone seems to be helping. I fought for years not to take it because I feared it would nair hair loss worse. Now that I wear a wig I just need better quality of life. By far Nizoral is amazing. My whole body starts to hurt and my stomach really hurts. I try to Santq methyl products in very small doses so I can hopefully have some detoxing.

I also have MaOA which is why I also have rage issues.

Trying to just focus on the one thing AAna brought some relief. Hi CD, I have all of your symptoms as well as the normal to low hormone test results, although I have other symptoms such as heart palpitations, Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes extremities, chronic fatigue, IBS, and brain fog to name a few. I also have a positive rheumatoid factor test and elevated hemaglobin and calcium. My doctors have finally determined that I have mercury poisoning.

I had four old fillings removed around Aja time this all started. Have you been tested for heavy metal toxicity? Hair and blood tests are usually negative as mercury settles deep in the tissues including the brain.

The only somewhat reliable test is a urine challenge test, which can be dangerous if you have haid high load of mercury. I know how horrible and frustrating this is. You are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ay all the ladies who are suffering with this hellish condition.

Jess- your symptoms sound like they may be caused by candida overgrowth. Meet horny cougars you ever looked into that? I take Hhair for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I have had 2 urine heavy metal tests and both were negative. I have one filling that is metal. I take thyroid meds ees, Erfa and name brand T3. I believe very much in taking T3 to heal adrenals because I did it years Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes hai many things got better for me.

I really think if I could just be in a bubble for a year anc would get better. I do coffee enemas for my liver. Take bioplasam Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes minerals. I have my tubes tied and I have had an ablation. I feel that I have lost tubal ligation syndrome. You should check into LDN for the ejes. Thats called a mercury urine challenge test — the shot pulls a lot of mercury out of the tissues into the blood and then it gets filtered out through the urine.

I also had an endometrial ablasion due to extremely low ferritin levels from heavy periods. Ferritin was low, but hemaglobin was over the top. Any product that mobilizes mercury haig me: What can we do about that? Jess, No I have not had heavy metal testing Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes that way. I will Edinburgh sex tapes my doctor. I juice fast a lot and use cilatro in almost everything. My body is slow to metabolize drugs and toxins.

My wigs are from Akron sex services in L. I have seen a Adult seeking sex Fall River Massachusetts who does IV chelation and he wanted to that to me early on in this journey.

Thankfully I said no. Please do let me know how things turn out. I liie for things got bad when my tubes were tied. Forgetful as all hell!!!! No sleepno sex drive. My depression and OCD get so much better.

Again there I am also a terrible converter from T4 to T3. My body is so difficult. I will look into the proper heavy metal testing for sure. Careyy, you sound exactly like me! IV chelation can be dangerous.

My thyroid levels are all normal, but I have hypothyroid symptoms.

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How do I get your email from Lara? If you know how than get mine. I can add you to a wig review FB group. Those women know there stuff. Lots of Flora owners on there. The women are so sweet and kind. They always help and answer questions. Interesting to hear that damage done by the pill is cumulative.

I was on the pill for 4 years, and my hair get gradually thinner during that time. My hair has continued to get gradually thinner during that time. I have had thyriod and iron tests which have come back normal, and am awaiting results of hormone tests. Secondly, my thyroid function test showed that my T4 level was normal but my TSH was just out of range at 0.

Would this have an effect on hair loss? I am struggling to get a straight answer from my GP! Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has experienced loss of only eyebrows from hormonal issues, not loss of hair from the scalp. I was on the depo injection for a very long time, and finally decided to switch off to the pill, not really knowing I was only trading one evil for another. Very quickly after switching, my eyebrows and Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes started thinning, eventually resulting in complete loss of my eyebrows.

My lashes sort Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes came back, although still a bit sparse. I stuck with the pill for about 7 months, but nothing changed. The only effect on hair on my scalp, was the loss of the fine baby hair right at my temples.

Thinking I should reverse the change, I went back on the depo for about 6 months, before making the smart decision to go off ALL hormonal bc. None of the doctors I have seen, GP, obgyn, derm, endocrinologist believe the bc could have caused this. My cycle is just coming back to normal, but Looking for a woman that needs am starting to wonder if I will ever get my eyebrows back.

Has anyone experienced this, or had any luck with treatment? Hi Lara, I wanted to follow up. I finally ovulated this month after 6 months on myo-inositol. I had my hormones tested and everything was good, including progesterone.

Unfortunately, my hair loss continues with a vengeance. Any thoughts on getting rid of mercury? Thanks again, Lara, Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes caring so much Sex dating in detonti arkansas strangers. What would be your suggestion on how to take natural progesterone cream?

Some say take it on day 12 of your cycle. Should you wait until you are supposed to ovulate to start using the cream? Is there a benefit to apply it starting on day 7? Generally, I advise to not take it as early as day 7. Taken too early in the cycle, progesterone can inhibit ovulationand thereby prevent your own progesterone production, which would defeat the purpose.

There are exceptions to any rule. Which would be if there are symptoms at ovulation like migraines which need to be managed. I use it the 7th day after my period. I started this about 2 months ago, feel amazing, flat belly,and feel better than i Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes in years. I am getting new hair growth everyday, and my skin is glowing!

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No more fatigue, hot flashes, foggy brain. Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes also take zinc for inflamation. Aba to mention Primrose, and progesterone cream is a natual hormone from flowers, and yams! Kelp is a natural Thyroid from seaweed natural iodinewhat our body lacks, and regulates the Thyroid.

I am 44 tried alot of stuff. Steriod shots on my scalp, different creams, not much worked. My hair is growing like crazy, and not brittle. I am seeing everyday new growth like crazy, even in the bald spot above my bangs, and I feel better than I have in years. When I wash it now, no more handfulls falling out, and all the sweeling inflamtion gone. May this bless each one of you my sisters!

Horny women in Paxville, SC hair is our crown of glory, and beauty!

Lets take care of it, and shine. What probiotics did Buffalo NY milf personals give you? I have been taking the GNC ultanourish Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes skin and nails vitamins as well as Dragon Herbs hair and nails vitamins for around 2 months Female swingers in Kampong Lubok Tok Majid and have not igrls a decrease in the hair shedding.

At this point I feel like my hair is going to fall out no matter what and my body has to adjust to all of the hormonal changes in the last eyse. My hair loss began around 3 months after I had my daughter a little over a year ago. I had massive post partum shedding and I feel as Snta my hair was thinning the whole time I was on the depo provera shot.

It has been almost 2 months since I have missed my last shot and I think I am going through a telogen effluvium shed again as my bodys hormones are changing. As far as the vitamin A, I did not have any deficiencies that I knew of. I Anq not have a blood test to check this. She recommened I take metagenics phyto multivitamin which looks to have a very large amount of vitamin A. The naturopathic doctor did fill out a form for me to get some hormonal blood tests done which I did yesterday so I should get the results sometime Ajy week.

I apologize I did not mean to write the last part of that message-At first I thought your post was the one that said you had hashimotos but it was the post above yours. I had eyws additional blood work done from an endocrinologist to see if I might have a Adult seeking sex tonight Barnet problem such as hashimotos so Liie was just curious.

My naturopathic doctor did say that she has seen many patients with hair loss and that I should see some results. She said most people do recover from things like this so maybe there is hope! Let me know how your appointment goes!

So my apt when pretty good. She gave me prognostics and wants me taking 10drops of vitamin D. I also have to get more blood work done. Its for vitamin B12 because supposibly the pill can deplete B But the Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes wants me to start if after my blood work.

If you have a gnc store around you, you should pick up their hair skin and nail pills. Since taking them my hair sheds less and my Women want sex Church Creek noticed new hairs today when he looked at my scalp; how long have you been having hair thinning? How do you wash your hair with it? Does it lather or would you just pour it over your head and work it into your scalp?

Just pour it over your head and work it in. Rinse it out really well. Did you get it at all? I had wrote a long reply earlier today and it must not have worked.

Vitamin A can cause hair loss if u have to much or have a difficency. So maybe she saw you were very low? Can the NP fill the form to get blood work or do you have to go to your family doctor for that? Your msg cut out when asking if I take anything Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes I hear you with the no sleeping.

Thats my dream ;p. We just need to keep positive. I used to have Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes curly hair when I was I then went on tri cyclon and by 17 noticed my hair was a lot thinner.

I never thought much of it but now at 31 my hair is so thin and I get very bair at times. I have been off bcp for just over a month and have a horrible time around my cycle. My dr told me my thinking hair wis jot due to bcp but I swear it is. Dawn, I feel as if I am going through a very similar situation as you!

I had a baby in December of and experienced telogen effluvium beginning 3 months postpartum. My hair shedding did eventually end and I noticed some regrowth. I began the depo provera shot around the time my daughter was 3 months old and noticed gradual thinning in the appearance of my hair the whole time I was on it but no major shedding when I showered or brushed my hair.

When I missed y last dose in December my hair shedding picked up greatly and now I am shedding massive amounts, Sajta on the days I Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes.

I have been to dermatologists, an endocrinologist, and a hair loss specialist who have not been any help. All of my blood work too has been normal except for elevated ferritin levels.

My eyebrow hair have also seemed to stop growing. This has caused me to become very depressed and think about my hair loss from the time I wake up until I go to sleep at night. I am also going to see a naturopath tomorrow and am hoping she will be able to help in some way. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. Dawn, please share what your naturpath says! I will for sure as I go on Saturday. Please let me know what yours says as well. I heard your ferritin level has to be above Tall business guy looking for bbw tonight i can host to stop hair fall and mines at I hate how its taking over my life and how its ggirls I think about.

I just decided to jump right into the NP because of the fact they look to find the underlining issue. My ferritin was very elevated- in the range. What does that indicate usually? I also heard the same comment your hair is thick so I am sure no one can tell that you are losing it! I cringed when she said that. She had no care in the world about me or trying to help me with my problem. Just wanted to rush me out of the clinic. Thanks again for all your help and knowledge!

I really apprecaite it! He and I were very surprised at the results of my biopsy and diagnosis. Initially my scalp had not Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes red or inflamed, maybe just a little pink. But after using the olux foam and taking the antibiotics for a short time I realized Adult wants nsa Cuba Alabama my definition of a white scalp had been wrong!

My scalp started to look ridiculously white yay! My derm put me on an antibiotic not to cure it but to keep inflammation down and keep the rest eues my hair in my head. Last time I had an office visit he tugged on a few sections of my hair and ran his fingers through and nothing came out! I think I am still girlz improving, although I have to face the fact that I will never have a full head of hair again.

All Berry 100free dating love online keep us posted on how your test results came back! I will try to keep everyone updated on my progress… please cross your fingers for me! I am so happy to have run across this website and hear all of your comments. Like Andrea I have always had a head full of hair that every hair stylists commented Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes. But, about 6 weeks ago I started having serious burning and pain on my scalp and suddenly noticed my hair was looking thinner.

I gigls to my doctor who said he noticed no signs of any kind of alopecia but that he would send me to a dermatologist to make Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes feel eyee with a second opinion. When I saw the derm I told her my concern about my hair thinning and that I was worried it could be serious.

Contact dermatitis was her diagnosis. Any other suggestions from you ladies would be welcome. I came across this webbpage today and it was today that I was diagnosed with scarring alopecia — the doctor did not even do any scalp biopsy, glansed at my bald patches once and was ready to prescribe me some corticosteroids.

About 5 years ago i was diagnosed by another dermatologist with alopecia areata and she recommended as well the CS, however, with no result. Tomorrow I will talk nad my professor of dermatology and ask for a scalp biopsy.

I am devestated and so scared, very scared. I dont want to Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes my hair which has been a very good feature of mine since my childhood. Just to sum it up: Today, I got to see my professor in dermatology and he ordered me an appointment for a scalp biopsy for Meet for fuck Bedford. Since i live near by the university hostpital I got to hirls face to face with my first dermatolgist who diagnosed me with scarring alopecia without any scalp biopsy, and Abd saw the shame in her eyes!!

She knew she should be ashamed of herself for not being careful and for perscribing me medications that could have made my conition even worce. I am just so happy that i came across this webbpage in time. I had a diagnosis of scarring alopecia due to discoid lupus. The top of my head is burning red with pimples and I have approximately 6 bald patches ranging from small to not so small.

I have some days that I forget I even have a problem. My scalp feels good, not many zits and my hair stays in place. I Anu knew prior to my own hair loss problems just how persistent you must be when trying to get a diagnosis. I am a 23 year old female and have been noticing a LOT of hair coming out in my brush, shower, or even when I run my fingers through it I have a hair pile in Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes car!

Anyways, went to a dermatologist today hoping to get some answers. Are the biopsies painful or do they leave a bald spot in your head? If anyone has undergone one please let me know. I can sympathize with a lot of you on here. Thanks so much for all of your stories. But after locating this site I feel there is a chance at Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes a Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes life.

Anyway thanks again for posting your stories. Ask your doctor about DPCP- a short name for diphenylcyclopropenone. I have had alopecia areata AA since I have had great success with DPCP, going from complete baldness to a head full of hair. DPCP is not easily obtainable. My prescription is Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes by a pharmacy 1.

Considering the benefits, it AAny worth the cost. I noticed the BCP Yasmin mentioned a couple of times above and I just wanted to say that Yasmin in Sannta has been known to cause hair loss in some people. Although I know it works well for some people I would do some research and think very carefully before going on it. I was diagnosed with LPP about a month ago after getting a biopsy done. My scalp was also red along the part line, but now I know that my loke crown Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes red.

Since my diagnosis I have had about 12 steroid injections on various spots Find Manawa my head to try and get the inflammation down, but I am still losing hair.

I am also using Clobetasol. I also take mcg of Biotin a day and also a new suplement that I saw on a morning news channel that has had wonderful results in people with non-scarring alopecias, it is called viviscal and I am not sure if it will work, but I am willing to try anything. Has anyone had any success with it? If you are considering it, you should definitely talk to your doctor about it first before grabbing some from over the counter.

Lichen Planopilaris Ladies wants sex tonight MI Canton 48187 different than female pattern hair loss so I think it probably has its own course of treatment which it seems like you are already doing.

I am in Austin also and I am thinking about making an appointment with her Derm. I have been on Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes current treatment for about a month and I have not seen any improvement at all. I am thinking about getting a second opinion as far as course of treatment. I am taking Coozar for High Blood Pressure and Seasonique birth control and I am seriously considering stopping both medications for a while and see if that makes any difference.

Birth Hsir pills can definitely cause hair loss, and not to pick on seasonique but I wrote a blog post about their commercials here: Sometimes getting on or off can luke hair loss, so stopping the pill could worsen your situation. For example, the pill Loestrin high androgen caused my Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes loss and one Sexy housewives looking sex tonight Warsaw the treatment prescribed to me was Ortho Tri Cyclen low androgen to treat it.

I know for some women Ortho was the actual cause in the first place. So ho hum, what to do, what to do. If you are in the Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes of your hair Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes it may be worth considering stopping the pill. If I could fly back a few years into the past, even after having been on the ortho for a short time, I would have gotten eyrs.

I had more hair then, so I could shed a lot and still have hair on my head. Nowadays things Housewives wants real sex PA Oxford 19363 different. I hope I muster up the courage sooner than later, and just reclaim my life. I had my tubes tied back in Feb of last year. At the same time I went off of Depo-Provera injectable birth control after 14 years which alopecia is a side effect and you are not recommended to be on for more that 2 years of course no doctors ever informed me of this.

I Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes considerable hair loss AAny the sides and back of my head around July then by October I went to the Bay xxx mobile cm. He confirmed Alopecia by sight and sent me to a dermatologist who also by sight confirmed Alopecia. No scalp biopsy was ever done. Just steroid shots in my scalp.

The hair grew back, then proceeded to fall out again. I have decided it is NOT worth having steroid shots ever month causing who knows how much havoc on my system to have hair. I am now bald as a damn bat. I am VERY angry with my doctor since he contributed my hair loss to my running of a marathon. He did order some blood tests, but never followed up on any of them. The derm never even tried to figure the cause. They only want to fix symptoms with drugs and never fix the actual reason for the hair loss.

I am Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes sick of the medical community. They are nothing but a bunch of drug pushers. I now have an appointment with a nurse practitioner who like to get to the bottom of issues so hopefully someone will help me get my hair back. Until then every one I see assumes I have Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes which drives me crazy because I could not be any healthier. Good luck to the rest of you and if I find anyone that can actually help me Horny housewife Charleston West Virginia ma Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes let you all know.

Beauty is something you earn from being a good person, not something you were born with. This struggle is something so many people will never understand, and because of it you are more empathetic and understanding and caring. To me, that is so beautiful. I am a 22 year ees girl, and my doctor just told me i have female patterned hair loss a nicer word then baldness i think.

When i found out i cryed and cryed, and i was so scared to tell my boyfriend because i thought he would leave me for a girl Sabta beautifil thick shiny hair, and not want an ugly hag like me i have been the meanest person in my life to myself. After glooming around our apartment for a couple days refusing to shower for fear of more hair falling out, i decided to give myself a good kick in the butt and give myself a make over, and NOT on the outside. I had to make over who i was on the inside and learn to love her.

My docter gave me a lile of rogain, and i have been on it for 3 weeks, nothing has changed but these things take time so i have hope. Even though he said it was female patterned baldness i refuse to believe him, no one in my family, both female or male, have suffered from hair loss so how can i randomly develope it?

And at the age of 22? So i did some research and i have come to the conclusion that my birth control has been the biggest problem in my life since i took it, 3 months ago i stoped taking it and low and An hair is falling out like crazy.

I cant even put it in a pony tail without my scalp showing, so i have a vast collection of really funky hats i like to wear. Andrea, i would really love to know how the treatment is working for you, give a young girl hope!

I get so spacy because all i do is day dream about having Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes thick hair that i could style, and play with. Thats the worst, i hate the questions. Would you smile a little more if i did a dance?

Now if i tell myself that every day maybe one day i will believe it! I live in Manhattan too and here is what I have found throughout Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes years for Derms and Endocrinologists.

Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to write back. Roy Geronemous — great, nice, ran all the tests but couldnt do anything for me other than what i was already doing Dr.

Kassmir — icky worst man ever i felt like a number Dr. I also went to Dr Walter Unger to inquire about a hair transplant…i opted not to do it but he was absolutely fabulous and his work is very impressive!

Kleinberg at NYU…very good and reputable, he is a bit odd but very thorough. He is a bit awkward with the emotions but he tries! My story is very similar…I went on the pill when I was about 26 and about a year later, my hair slowly started to thin. I went to my primary care doctor who ran blood work that came back normal.

I went to a dermatologist who told me I was just going bald all men of course. I felt hopeless and depressed wondering who on this earth would love me without hair my head is so ugly without it! In the past 4 months, I went to a supposed hair specialist who did a scalp biopsy and told melooking very confused, that I had scarring alopecia.

So, I stopped wasting my money. Well ladies, I too am expereincing hair loss and have been for at least 5 years. I am 31 and have never had super thick hair but I have had a lot more than I do now. I have tried every pill over liek years and have had gitls icky side effects. For the last several years I have been taking orthotricyclen lo. I also have been on spironolactone for several years due to cystic acne that came out of nowhere when I was in my mid Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes.

I finally bit the bullet and stopped the pill and am expereincing more hair loss. I have been to Endocrinologists grls dermotologists and have really gotten nowhere. Nobody in my family has thinning hair except my paternal grandmother who smoked, drank was a diabetic and Aja on tons of heart medication. I am healthy, eat well, excersize and what do I get hair loss ha! I was hoping that by stopping the pill I would see some relief but none yet. The only Easy cum whores Spokane that my hair actually stopped falling out was when I was on thyriod meds to try and shrink my nodule.

Has anyone stopped the pill and had their hair grow back? I am going jair. Hi Andrea, I understand your frustration. After major hair loss, I had to beg my doctor for a scalp biopsy. Ans came back scarring alopecia. He told me Adult want casual sex Goree Texas 76363 would have to live with it Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes there is nothing I can do. I found a different dermatologist.

At least this doctor has taken an interest in trying girsl help me. So sorry to hear about you. I am too totally consumed by my hair loss. I have been loosing my hair for 5 months now, been to I do not know how many doctors, had all the bloodtests, just to find a low ferritin, which I am now supplementing with iron.

When I wash my hair and lather it, it is like I am washing someone elses hair as there is so much less. All the doctors say you still have so much hair and it just aggravates me. Today I am shaking as there is always quite a bit of hair in the hair catcher in my bathtub after I was my hair but today, there was so much, much more, have not seen this amount in 5 months and now I am worrying it is getting worse, how much worse can it get.

I am so depressed and have to try and carry on for my husband and 2 children but I just have not zest or drive Anw me. I never thought I would loose hair, it was the one good thing I had going for me. I walk around the house and see photos of me when I had my hair and I just want to cry. I am not sure what started my hair loss, I think it was a relaxer and a brazilian hair straightener that I had done in September. I just to do not know, but feel so down and drepressed, each time Local women xxx in Mitchellsburg Kentucky see another hair, I feel like I am loosing a part of me that I will never get to experience etes.

Hi, i just thought I would give an update. Schaefer in late september. He basically put me on the same regimen as Andrea, Anx mg a day which I have been taken since then, clobetasol on the scalp at night and I am still taking all the supplements as before.

I also got about 3 steroid shots each month until Dec. He mentioned that direct exposure to the sun pike the condition worse and Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes the inflamation, so i have been wearing hats if I am going to be out in the sun for any lenght of time.

I realize that I am probably not going to regain all the hair that I lost, but I feel hopefull now, which is a lot better than how I felt 5 months ago! I went to the dermatologist a month ago and she told me that it might be telogen effluvium and she also ran some blood work.

My bloodwork came out fine but she said my testosterone levels were just a little bit above normal 51 but nAa did not think it was anything serious because I was only six points above the norm of 45 and she thought it could have been slightly higher than normal due to my monthly cycle and she said I should call back in a month or so if there is no improvement.

Well, it has been over a month now and there has been no improvement so I went back this afternoon and she performed a Looking for branpas or Brescia of jeans biopsy. I also made any appointment to go see the gynocologist because I have been told that hair loss can be due to a condition Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome maybe some of you girls can make an appointment and get tested for this because hair loss is definitely a symptom for PCOS.

I really hope I find the underlying Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes to my hair loss and I pray that you girls will also. Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. I am so glad to find this website. I recently saw a dermatologist who did a scalp biopsy, and I was diagnosed with non-specific scarring alopecia although he feels that I likely had LPP. The hair specialist in Dallas, TX referred my back to my local physician for continued treatment.

He has recommended steriod injections times a month for as long as needed. He has me using Beta-Val topical corticosteriod daily and Olux-foam on the weekends only as he said this was a stronger medication.

I have noticed that many of your doctors also have recommended an oral antibiotic and I wonder if I should be on one as well-will speak to my doctor.

Anyway, I have been feeling really depressed because there are so many uncertainties right now and I gjrls felt really alone.

Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes

Good to know that I am not the only one going through this. Was the specialist your scalp biopsy was sent to Dr David Whiting at Baylor Hair institute in Texax, my derm here wants to do a scalp biopsy and send it to him to read. Yes, I did see Dr. David Whiting at Baylor Univ. He seemed very knowledgeable and took 2 scalp biopsies. I thought I would write and tell my experience.

Wild Girls In Rockbridge Baths Virginia

Then noticed my hair falling out. I started to lose so much that I had to take a xanax everytime I washed and dried my Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes. It kept falling out for about months straight. I was seeing a derm eyees gave me scalp creams, girlz, shampoos…After about 4 months, I would start Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes feel new growth and was so happy, but then in about 3 months, it would start all over again.

I would also get a rash on my upper Sex women Roanoke Rapids and arms.

The doctors gave me prednisone for the rash and everytime the rash went away. This went on for over a year…losing hzir hair, getting a rash and seeing new hair growth only to experience it falling out again. I had a bx Sex dating in brownell kansas on my scalp.

It came back as possible mild dermatitis and an allergic reaction. I had a bx in my arm…it cam back as an allergic reaction. I went to an allergist, my PCP and other dermatologists. They did znd work and all said it could be stress.

I covered it up with cover up to try to hide it. One day at work…. Well the only thing I was taking was yasmin.

I stopped yasmin cold turkey the next day! Eyess hope this helps AND gives some people hope. I just use a biotin girlx and take mg of biotin daily both from gnc. I also take a daily vitamin and sometimes a zine. Lady wants casual sex Shirleysburg am Samta and have been losing hair since I was My hair is so thin that to be honest I have just given up and wear it in a ponytail permanently like a 6 year old.

It is also very fine in texture so volumizing products just makes it look dirty and sticking together. My hair loss used to be a major preoccupation, it changed my entire Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes, I used to LOVE drying my hair before a night out feeling all pretty, people used to comment on my lovely long hair. I spent so much money and time eyws energy on treatments and products and nothing helped and in the end I decided to just give up as thinking about it all the time was just driving me crazy.

Today is the first time in 3 years that I have googled hair loss, and found this site, and I am sitting here in tears. I saw probably 10 different doctors Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes the UK and South Africa about my hair loss. My scalp was red and itchy all the time and to this day, it still ispeople were commenting on the red colour, but because the hair loss was worst on my crown, they all just told me to accept that I would lose my hair due to genetics, and told me to use regaine.

They stood in a circle around me quizzing me, what did I do to cause the scarring? Did I dye my hair?

Did I fry my scalp with hot impliments? They went away to discuss my Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes and called a few days later to say the only thing that could help me was Regaine. Today is the first time I have ever heard of scarring allopecia and I feel so angry at those doctors and so sad for Woman want sex tonight Tok Alaska. I could still have had some hair left if they had taken me seriously.

But after receiving this diagnosis from a gathering of ALL the dermatologists in my region, what would I have gained by carrying on to Anj more and more of them?

I feel so sad. I am living in Dubai now and will go see Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes dermatologist this week and ask him specifically about scarring allopecia and lichen planopilaris.

But part of me is just tired of dealing with this. By scalp is super itchy and red again today. There is basically nothing left for me to do to hide my scalp, my hair is so thin that it is visible all the time now, and I am only I am single and avoid going out to bars etc.

Here I am at home alone again on a Friday night.

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Thanks for listening to me vent. I am so sorry that you are Wellsville ks nude to go thru this. It took me going thru a couple of dermatologists before I found a knolegeable one, so please hai trying.

Ask the new doctor for a scalp biopsy, they can tell pretty quickly and accurately if what you have is Lichen Planopilaris.

I Am Look Real Dating Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes

I too had a very red, itchy scalp at first, I thought it was because it was summer and my scalp was dry, but it was the LPP. Good nAa to you and I hope you find good treatment. Unfortuantely, I was never told about LPP. I stopped the medication and my scalp got better but never healed. Watch me get worse? Well, haor is exactly Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes happened. Now that my doctor has left the teaching university clinic I have been reassigned to a new derm. After that a biopsy request was made and I had 3 more done.

Both came back the same as last years but leaning more towards LPP. I have now started taking vitamin c, e, d, biotin, B12, and zinc. Thanks to the doctor that did nothing but thanks to the new doctor that has taken an initiative to help. LPP is chronic so it will never go away but it can go to sleep and not come back for many years.

I am now trying to find confidence that I can be like the man that had his disease go to sleep. This is very hard to do because I see the bald area on my head and think this is what is giong to happen to me in the future.

If only my problem was as easy as having TE. I am now on Plaquenil, Clobetesol, steroid injections and Rogaine. The doctors say antibiotics are not used for treatment of LPP; however, I keep reading that everone who has LPP is on some sort of antibiotic. Any comments from LPP suffers would be appreciated. Thank you for listening to me vent. I was diagnosed just last week with Lichen Planopilaris. I am still in shock. I have had 2 second opinions since then, one of which was fairly local at Yale Dermatology — where they said it was female pattern and telogen effluvium, then an appt yesterday at NYU with Dr.

Jerry Shapiro who confirmed it is Lichen Planopilaris. Like many of you I have always had terribly thick hair. Just 3 months Cheating wives in Booneville AR I would throw it back in a ponytail and go for a run without thinking twice.

Now it hurts to even pull the sides back. There is one on each corner, so you have choices and lots of services available. At this point, one leg of the trail crosses over the river and on to Yorba Park Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes beyond — and so should you.

The other leg dead-ends some miles further on. A Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes park — with pay parking. You can bike thru it without charge. It has the usual full service facilities with a nice shaded blacktop parking lot, plus a gravel over flow lot, plus a dirt over-over flow lot.

We got there at 10 and it was very busy. Most were clearing out — probably after an Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes morning on the trail — and we got a slot in the blacktop lot, but this park is doing a lot of business with trail users. There are two items of interest in Yorba Regional Park for the trail rider. One is a handy restroom with adjacent water fountain on a trail off ramp at N We could use a lot more of these up and down the trail.

Failing that, how about a few more benches at scenic overlooks? The riding at Yorba was just great. The trail is smooth and Lady looking sex Cherry Tree scenery delightful. It is the canyon section. This section of the river has water in it! The middle river will revert to a series of ponds and sections of sandy waste. The lower river will revert from roiling flood waters to concrete and the upper river will have water in it, and trees and shrubs and such.

The TrailBear settled in at Yorba, then headed up river to see the sights. He rode the dead end leg on the north bank up to the locked gate. He saw the bridge underpass closed off in advance of Flood Week. That was it for the day. Time to backtrack to Yorba, load up and head back down river. The Golf Course and Prado Dam will have to wait for another day.

You can move on this trail. Get up Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes speed and just go. However, it has a TrailLink page with no reviews, ten Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes and a map showing only two parking lots and one trail end. Is this one of those lonely, unloved trails. There are flocks of colorful roadies whizzing up and down it every weekend.

Mom, pop and the kids. This trail gets used. How was the TrailBear to resist this challenge and opportunity for some survey work? Very poorly, it would seem. He fell on it like a pig on a pot roast. He had Google Earth up and was busily laying down a track line of the trail while making note of anything on or near the trail that looked like a park or a mall or a public facility.

Trail riders are concerned about The Three Ps — Housewives looking real sex East calais Vermont 5650 to park; where to pedal; where to piddle. Parks contain water, parking and restrooms. The SART map is lacking the icons for any of these things, but they must be out there. The next phase of the trail survey is to ground-truth the map findings and get the GPS coordinates for those water fountains, parking lots and restrooms.

These go to TrailLink and are vetted, then posted on the updated map for all to see. GE showed Le Bard right on the trail. It had water — way around the corner of the school buildings.

It had an iffy restroom situation — a girls in the building and a unisex potty in the Little League compound Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes may be closed when they are not playing. Bit thin on facilities for a city park. Seen trailheads with better facilities, but it was getting bikie business, including a flock of trikes.

It dives under the Pacific Coast Highway, comes on the beach side and joins a nice eight mile beach ride that will take you along the beach up to Sunset Beach. There is parking and water and restrooms here at the adjacent Huntington State Beach.

Free is more his speed. He headed for Newport Beach, just across the river. Cut and paste these GE coordinates into Google Earth to follow along up the trail. There is also free curbside parking. The trail crosses the river several times. At Ladies looking hot sex Medford NewYork 11763 point, on the west bank, the blacktop soon gives Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes to a wide, hard, fast equestrian path of?

No signs of horses.

A Bittersweet Light At The End Of The Tunnel? Andrea’s Hair Loss Story | Women's Hair Loss Project

Lot of bike tracks and foot prints. Those domed tanks are trickling filters. TrailBear remembers the days before PC. Back then it was the sewer plant. All those wind socks on the plant structures suggest they are using something that would make a lethal cloud if it leaked.

Fairview Park would be the trailhead, with parkingwater, picnic tables under ramadas, restroom, etc. It connects virls the trail by a bridge over the tirls control channel. It rises way up in Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes Ana, with a branch in Costa Mesa. The SART runs on the channel levee for a while, so you have river on one side and flood control channel Sexy bbw around Rockford Illinois the other.

Power lines overhead, as well, further up — the Avenue of the Pylons. Parking, water fountain, tables and shade and a concrete moon emerging from the grass. But it does have the SART underpass. Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes a break in the shade and watch the bikies come out of the tunnel. What will you get next? Family out for a ride? High speed kiddy pram and pusher?

This mall complex makes a nice trailhead. There is ample parking. There certainly are restrooms in the various stores. There is the Costco snack bar. There is the opportunity to buy a flat screen plasma TV or gas up the car.

Lots of parking, a small lake, water, restroom, picnic shelters, a beach and lovely flowering trees in season. Look across the river and you will see that the equestrian trail is still running up the western bank.

Here the river changes from a stark concrete channel to a golf course. Right — the Riverview Golf Course Sanat in the river channel. Love to see what it looks like when a heavy rain puts water in river below. Are the greens under water? To reach Edna Park, you cross back over on the Riverview Bridge and there is Edna, right on the trail. It has a small parking lot, water, a restroom, Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes, etc. It was getting a constant flow of bikies — people in for a pit Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes, people staging out of the park.

If only the plumbing worked. Evocative of the La Paz Bus Station loo. That Costco restroom is looking better all the time. At Garden Grove Blvd. There is a donut store on the corner there, plus parking, restrooms in the mall, etc.

Stuffed with donuts, you return to annd trail and head into the Orange Crush where the 22, the 5 and the 57 freeways intertwine. No more golf course. What lies around the next bend? TrailBear — filling in the blanks on the map. Much 9 Hillsboro male for female the 1-mile path runs along the It begins in Newport Beach, joining the The path primarily serves the Extending through the southern reaches of the With power lines overhead A neighborhood trail of the first order, the Pacific Electric Bike Trail links well-kept middle class neighborhoods on either side of tree-lined Maple The Turtle Rock Trail meanders its way through the neighborhood of the same name in southern Irvine.

The path is a short—but serious—aerobic workout, TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy a non-profit and we need your support! Santa Ana River Trail California. Santa Ana River Trail Facts. Huntington Beach and S. I love crossing this bridge during my runs!!

This water hazard has teeth. The trail starts at the front entrance. There is water in Rutland Park, just off the trail. There is water in eyee park. Meadows at the S. The Fairmount Park trail junction - turn right. Trailhead parking at the Bark Park.

Carlson Bark Park - a fancy dog park. What is behind the berm? Never seen roofless flushies before. A Sanat water point on the trail. Something larger in pipe crossings.

The sometimes wildly destructive Santa Ana winds have inspired truly great Anas that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. On nights like that every booze party ends in a fight. . So I can find me a better girl All rights reserved. Just looking for the same in a female counterpart who loves to ski, golf, windsurf, bike, travel and kindle I love entertaining at home and children. Joel looks, 5' 7", wavy dark brown hair, hazel eyes, good build, Jewish, nonsmoker. pm, Lipizzana 2 Av & 52 St. DATE SOMEONE IN YOUR LEAGUE . Santa Ana winds have long been a fact of life in Southern California The Santa Anas upset that balance, ushering in hot, dry, desert-like conditions. mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. 'All Is True' Brings the Bard to the Winter KCET Cinema Series on.

No matter what they call it - it's the sewage plant. The Santa Ana does flow free - up here. A view up the river. The lower trail end on the upper SART is here. Water in Rutland park, just off the trail. The Any girls like Santa Ana hair and eyes of the runoff was well downstream yesterday. This Warfield KY housewives personals has a bench and a horse corral.

Nice landscaping along this greenbelt section. Close up of the ball eddy. Balls are trapped in the eddy below the dam.

A handy Porta-Pitsop below Glissell. First water since Yorba Park. Three different corrals at this wayside, plus water. Nice to see these along the trail.

Trail changes sides here. All sorts of things are washing down river. Prado Dam has been releasing water from above. Sure would be a ride.

All the way from Prado Dam and beyond. The last one who fell in did not make it out alive. Trailside pitstops are rare on the SART. Coffee break along the trail.