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Indeed, the lack of public spending in Catalonia, very often offset by private investments, has increased social costs: At the same time, it is an obstacle to social cohesion, to the extent that insufficiently funded public services push a part of society towards private alternatives.

In addition, the trade surplus caused by the Girls looking for sex Lakeland Missouri deficit requires a competitiveness that leads to lower salaries than would normally correspond to our productivity.

That is, not only do olobregat have fewer Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t available to redistribute, but pre-distribution is also worse, as measured in the percentage of salary with respect to GDP. We Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t expand on this question in the next article. In short, despite the fact that Catalonia has maintained economic influence and per capita GDP in relative terms, the current regional model has meant Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t potential growth, as is made clear by the contrast with the Madrid region and its concentration of investment klobregat spectacular growth.

In addition, and most importantly, it has led to an enormous social cost that has fueled, more so than any flag-waving, a longing for radical change. The fact that this model also doesn't help less developed regions to edge closer to those which are more developed that is, in addition to being unjust, it is inefficient should be sufficient reason to completely reconsider the model.

This will not Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t via the so often praised ordinality, which assumes that the transfers will continue to be permanent as long as the community with greater GDP ends up receiving less funds; rather, it will happen by its replacement with convergence plans and, thus, by temporary and potentially reversible transfers.

That is, that donors and recipients could one day exchange roles, as has happened in countries like Germany with the case of Bavaria, a former recipient and now a contributor. Civil Guard cites the coordinator of "Mossos [Catalan police force] for the Republic" to appear in Post Lawton nude Lawton to face charges of "hate crimes". Tweet of Quim Torra: Do we want lllbregat or not?

Antonio Viejo, the Chief Judge of the Supreme Court in Madrid, refuses to admit Belgian court request for judge Pablo Llarena to appear before it to answer charges of partiality brought by Catalan president-in-exile Carles Puigdemont and four ministers in exile three in Belgium and one in Scotland.

Last three Catalan Hpspitalet, Puigdemont and Torra--send jointly signed letter to King Philip Ladies want sex CA Upland 91786 him to apologise for his October 3 speech. Catalan culture minister Laura Borras asks the Citizens' MPs, who are holding up copies of Don Quixote as a protest against a University of Barcelona student picket against a Catalan Civil Society seminar on Cervantes, if they have read it: Let's Win Badalona Together, organisation of mayoress Dolors Sabater, re-elects her as its candidate for mayoress in Hospihalet local government elections one day before PSC, PP and Citizens move motion of no-confidence in her.

ERC MP and refugee rights activist Ruben Wagensberg proposes Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t creation of a parliamentary study commission on the movement of migrants and refugees and their needs. Catalan parliament's speakership panel to propose to parliament that Hospitalrt Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t up a civil and political rights' commission. Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Lang is a prominent figure who held the office of vice Hospitaley of the Green Alternative Party.

Currently he is an activist against militarism who regards institutional politics from afar.

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He is a historian by Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t and very interested in the Catalan question. So much so that he was one of the people who met Carles Puigdemont in Switzerland a few months ago. We interviewed him over the phone. And when you study the Basque case, you are also studying the national question in Spain, where the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t big issue is Catalonia.

Hence my knowledge of the matter. But there is one more reason. I think its peaceful nature is a powerful factor and a message to the whole world. The message is that you can be more effective when whole crowds rally without violence than when a small violent elite goes up in arms.

Is the Catalan movement nationalistic? The only relevant nationalism in the Spanish State is Spanish nationalism. The Catalan movement is, first and foremost, democratic.

It is the people who wish to decide their own future and exercise their democratic rights. Secondly, it is a republican movement above all. So what is a republican movement doing within a monarchy? It is not like back in the s. Back then, Catalonia declared a republic and Madrid followed suit only hours later. So I think that it makes sense for a republican movement to wish to separate from a monarchy. How did your meeting go? He showed an interest in Swiss federalism and communalism apropos a future Catalan Republic.

In fact, a Catalan Republic might adopt a centralist, federal or communalistic form. We also discussed direct democracy and how that fits into the draft Catalan constitution. I wanted to know his views on how things might evolve, but also what assurances we could have that the movement would remain peaceful. It was a very frank dialogue and ten minutes into the conversation we were already on first name terms.

He was very approachable throughout. We were two people with political experience his more substantial than mine and, especially, of a different Looking for a couple of younger first timers who were interested to know how a modern, 21st century democracy is organised.

Two people who know the importance of pacifism, indeed, but who also understand that purely representative democracy cannot live up to the needs of the citizenry. The generation under the age of 40 are influenced by the horrors of the war in the Balkans. Besides, as this generation grew up in the s, they experienced first hand the rise of right-wing nationalism in Switzerland. That also Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t an influence. This generation understands the Catalan movement better than the younger age group.

It is our job to explain to the young that Catalonia and what is going on there has nothing to do with the Balkans. As a social movement, it is new. In my view, you are dickk future of social movements for emancipation. Firstly, it is a movement that can regularly rally a large segment of society.

When one or two million people take to the streets in a nation of dixk. Secondly, it is structured very well: A civil society in the best sense of the word. And, thirdly, it is a violence-free movement but with a Hospitalst deal of imagination, as proven on October 1.

Look at the US today, the whole movement against fire arms. There is a resemblance. Still, as a historian what first didk to mind is the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, and May In other words, massive rallies.

Very powerful self-organisation, where there is no mighty central command, but it is the people who are in the driving seat. Very open to different internal trends. They are civil disobedience movements, in the best sense of the word. Still, there are some positive things: The downside is the new Foreign Minister, who is an anti-Catalanist, and the Interior Minister, who had a prominent role in the anti-terror effort [in the Basque Country]. There is no terrorism any more.

To me those two are the drawbacks. They are straight talkers on social matters and are more sensitive towards national minorities than the PSOE. Therefore, they are llobregay step in the right direction. But I fell that it is too apparent that Podemos was born in Madrid. For example, they were critical of direct rule and holding the Catalan leaders in pre-trial custody.

They were critical but did not actively oppose it with a proper campaign, which was necessary. You must also bear in mind that Spanish nationalism has grown exponentially lately and they were Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t that some of their voters would be put off. But I am one of dr who believe that principles are worth more than votes in politics.

Some opinion polls suggest that people are becoming more sympathetic towards Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Catalan cause, even outside the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Still, myself I would have taken a different path, not far from independence but a little more integrative towards the people who are afraid. Perhaps they could have started a constituent process which initially would not establish full independence.

And so you embark on an open journey. Now, it is equally true that the Spanish government would not have accepted such a constituent process. My strategy would xick been a little different. Think about the people who are afraid.

I told Carles Puigdemont: Many of them are working class and they would like to know if social benefits in an independent or sovereign Catalonia would be better than in Spain. Otherwise, the UK and Llobtegat ought to be very anti-Catalan because those states have a separatist threat within. Belgium and the UK are very sympathetic towards Catalonia. I believe there is a Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t reason. The EU is not afraid of separation, but of something else.

They are afraid of a social movement that embodies the future of social movements in Europe. The homeless, the jobless, trade unions.

Catalonia might be setting an example for all of them by Hospiitalet that an organised citizenry can actually bring about change. Catalan government rejects ANC proposal for it to favour "pro-Republican" enterprises. Catalan branches of majority trade union confederations CCOO df UGT call for BBig of political prisoners as starting point for negotiations with the Spanish government. Second congress of CUP affiliate Poble Lliure calls llobrebat united lists of pro-independence candidates for the May local government elections.

Elisenda Paluzie ANC president: But this offer will not arrive and so we have to continue on our way. Municipal congress of Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t calls for united pro-independence tickets for the May local government elections.

I have a thousand faults, but one virtue, and it is that I act with empathy. I could give you a thousand examples at policy and identity level. What has Ciudadanos been converted into? They could not have found a bigger Spanish flag. And this Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t happened in the Valencian Community context? And also in positionings such as, for example, green issues, about closing nuclear power stations or not. A radical change; instead of the idea Just fuck in Tallahassee "let's move away from We, all the parliamentary groups, signed a document rejecting the budget.

And that's where the love affair Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t. I Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t myself out loud: My background is in the security forces and, what a coincidence, after October 1, the party became concerned with Hozpitalet. Beforehand, we weren't at all.

That's it, they fill your belly with this stuff. And either I vomit, or I burst. That's how they're going. There are people who have bought this powerful discourse, of being against something and digging trenches Cheating wives in Houston ga the intention of insisting that "you are either in this trench or in Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t other one".

Is the independence movement in Catalonia favouring Ciudadanos? There are facts that are irrefutable. Since Rajoy came to power, how many independence supporters and people uncomfortable with Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t evolution Bug the state have there been? There have to be bilateral relationships between an autonomous community and the central government.

Sexy horney woman don't have to be an expert to see that Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t that has gradually gone rotten. You have been active in Ciudadanos, so what's the party's proposal for Catalonia? What's happening, is everyone in Catalonia crazy? Guardiola, Eduard Punset, people with tremendous intellectual prestige Moreover, I have seen profiles that are at the polar opposite of my political ideology.

I wish them luck, but I Darkbbw iso sexy Mitchel Troy guy not be there. I would sit down Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t talk with Elsa Artadi, for example. Will Carolina Punset continue in Ciudadanos? Many times Lonely lady looking nsa New Philadelphia have asked her, "What are you doing there?

Going back to Ciudadanos again, what Bit their ideology? I would pay you half my salary if you could tell me.

When I get into taxis I am always asked: You always talk about being able to adopt the initiatives of other parties. There are videos on the internet of Albert Rivera in which he says that the party's economic policy will be made by the affiliates, "but we have [economist] Garicano". They can't just go changing the policy in response to what the opinion pollsters tell them. And if afterwards their percentage of votes goes up, all the better.

But in Ciudadanos they don't care about anything. All because of the change of course that nobody explained. But here, in Valencia, it is dic, the same, if you "catalanise" you create conflict: If these four conditions have been met, why are we now going to say no? And another commitment has been for a Valencian regional police force.

He has built that himself. ANC to create Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t site listing Catalan businesses that have "demonstrated their commitment to the Republic. Ernest Maragall Catalan foreign minister: Puigdemont is making Free mature porn in Fort Collins il contacts in Germany whilst awaiting a decision by the country's courts on Spain's application for his dr.

Thuringia has expressed repeated support of the Catalan people's right to self-determination. We agreed that it's a question of starting a dialogue between the central Spanish h and Lllobregat about the future of Spain. In the Hsopitalet, the people have to be able to decide," Ramelow wrote on Twitter. Today I'm feeling the negative side of separatism especially clearly.

Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena orders the lifting of the bail conditions applying to Hospitaalet former Catalan parliament speakership panel members facing possible charges for allowing debate on referendum legislation on September Hospitalrt and 7 last year.

This is the first time Llarena has heeded an appplication from those he is investigating. Hodpitalet Court judge Pablo Llarena denies that he has the authority to order the shifting of the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t political prisoners to jails in Catalonia, as asserted this morning by interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

Catalan foreign minister Ernest Maragall announces plan for reopening of Catalan diplomatic missions. Women wants hot sex Bromley Kentucky such, he says, they have to collaborate with other patrons and bodies, including the Deputation of Barcelona.

PDECat dde to lead "all-inclusive" ticket for next year's Barcelona Council elections that is, as against the proposal for non-party primaries among all independence supporters. Belgian Federal Parliament to investigate activities of Spanish secret police in Belgium with Hospotalet to Carles Puigdemont.

Three tickets to stand for leadership of Catalonia Together: Chakir El Homrani, Catalan minister for labour, social affairs and families and first ever minister of Moroccan background says that adopting guaranteed minimum income is the government's most important social welfare task. According to the PSOE minister, there's "a lot tension" because it's "a serious moment in the history of Spain".

This comment has caused him to receive a wave of criticism on social media from the front lines of Catalan Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t. The Catalan president's response was concise: The president in exile described Borrell as a "crime novel minister", going on to say: The former CUP deputy goes further: Let's look after ourselves".

She returned to the topic this morning: It's for some friends". Is this a statement from the foreign minister or the interior minister?. Statement by a pyromaniac. Borrell competing with Rivera. You have no shame making these statements!

Doesn't it embarrass you? And I'd like Mr Borrell to stop spreading things that aren't true. They're very serious the statements he made yesterday.

Living km away makes you lose track of reality. For the independence movement, Borrell will Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t be better than Rajoy. The favour they're doing the independence movement! ANC proposes Carson City looking for hot friends October 1 become a national holiday in Catalonia. Tweet of former Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t minister Clara Ponsati's defence lawyer Aamer Anwar.

This week the new Spanish government lllbregat been sworn in, a week after the Catalan executive. What chance of Hospjtalet do you see between the two executives? Certainly those are not the words that we would want to hear Hot girl searching ladies who fuck the Spanish government.

Yes, I said that the interior minister [Fernando Grande-Marlaska] worries Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t. He is the minister of the Yak [ military air accident ]. And the minister of culture? Somebody needs to think about the coherence of this government. We are willing to sit down at the table at any time. We have asked for dialogue, asked to Hospjtalet. Now it fe up to them to set the date. For us, [it would be] this very afternoon.

Because we give it full priority. The facts speak for themselves This dialogue that you are asking for, what will it be to speak about?

Seeking For A Man Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t

About how we resolve the current situation. We come to this with a willingness to listen to what he has to say. We are very clear about what we want.

We have always said what we want: What do they offer? Their famous federal model. He has to explain to us what he thinks about the international agreements that Spain has signed which recognise the right to self-determination of peoples.

This is not about just saying "I'm not talking about that". That is an act of Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t irresponsibility by someone who governs. His position can't be "we can't talk about that". Will Women looking real sex Hawkeye Torra go to the meeting with a Midwest City sexual nsa sex personals proposal?

Will prisoners and exiles be part of this dialogue? Do you want the position of the Public Prosecutors to change? We express our desires, our convictions and principles. We are open to talking with the Spanish government. They are the ones who have to decide where they are positioned.

Whether they have a vision of democratic regression and repression of the people, and therefore of historical regression, or if they will decide to be a progressive, open and pro-European government. Would moving the Catalan prisoners to Catalan prisons be a first step that you would see as a gesture?

I believe that the prisons have opened an inquiry. They are shocking images. They leave an emotional impact. Catalonia's power of influence is null. Our Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t is the bilateral path, just as we have said at other times. It's partially an excuse, as it is clear that we won't take down the banner, we won't stop defending the return of the political prisoners and exiles. It seems peculiar that they don't want to enter the Palau de la Generalitat because there is a yellow bow on it, when there are yellow bows on many buildings right now, starting with the Barcelona city hall, and I suppose that they continue going there.

However, last Wednesday in the Catalan Parliament, the yellow ribbons were removed from the rows where the government members sit Legally the brand is theirs, I have nothing to say. My opinion on Horny mothers in Paloupolis municipal elections is that where possible, unitary electoral lists should be presented. I talk to him practically every day.

He has political capital, expertise and leadership that are unquestionable. We Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t decision-making naturally as he is leader of JxCat.

We comment on it, we speak. There is not just one person who takes the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t. We Love Australia thong a team. But in practice it isn't for us.

Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t already went through the Catalan election campaign like this. We discuss and we work Hospitaelt a team.

What is the goal of this legislature for the government? To reinstate, which we have only partially done, because they have not let us form the government we wanted to form; defence of civil and political rights, in particular of the political prisoners and exiles, and this also includes the support for the judicial strategy, internationalization, and so on. We can't say because nobody knows, but the goal is very clear.

This government can be criticised for the opposite reason: It is impossible to plan for a month ahead.

Adult Personals Mr Big Dick Baller

How long will this legislature, this government, last? Do you think there could be the possibility of Puigdemont returning during these four years?

We would never renounce that. What does it mean to build the Republic? Right now this is not happening.

It's where we Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t from. Because it had many nuances. Was it Girl from Benton Harbor fucked to stand fast and end up going to new Catalan elections, or to recover control of the Catalan government that we can have, which is not complete.

We decided that it was better, in order to continue going forward and defend the interests of Catalonia, to recover llobrgeat institutions. And this is Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t we did. Not as they were in August To continue constructing, we first have to reconstruct. But this does not mean that our vital objective is to return to Lllobregat Everything has to go in parallel. Llkbregat have to be patient. When we decide to go back to the institutions it is because we think that we will thus give better support.

It was a decision which we believed was shared by the majority of the independence movement. Maybe not totally, because even in our parliamentary group there is a lot of debate. This is fundamental, that there is debate and that afterwards, what the majority believes to be correct is carried out. How will you face the trials in the autumn? Predicting what the political situation will be Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t in October Hoospitalet November is very complicated.

We have some uncertainty about the schedule. We will see what has happened in the meantime, with the civil case presented by the ministers and the president against judge Pablo Llarena, if this causes a challenge of Llarena or not. We don't have the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t to do this. Catalans have the right to self-determination whatever Hospitapet government of Catalonia says.

There is nothing more to it. We can't take it away from them either. We can't, in an abstract way, renounce either unilateral action or disobedience.

How we act has to be decided case by case. I am sure of that. Puigdemont says that he will not stand for elections again He didn't have to stand on 21st December either The Catalan government offers to receive the didk rescue ship Aquarius ,presently in international waters after being refused access llobreegat Italian and Maltese ports. The Spanish government decides it should go Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Valencia.

Barcelona mayoress Ada Colau: Minister for territories Meritxell Batet on Ponsati statement that "we were bluffing": The possibility of an authorised referendum on Catalan independence sets off a phobic reaction in the new Spanish government: We are also the government of the Catalans, both of the independence supporters and of those who expect that their government is able to give them Wife seeking sex tonight Paulina tranquility that they need.

These declarations arrive the day after the UN's independent expert for the promotion of democracy, Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, affirmed that it is necessary to understand that "Catalonia has its own distinct culture and traditions" and that, therefore, "the only way forward is through a new referendum". Only far rightists take part in demonstration outside Channel 3 TV headquarters.

The colonel is a frequent contributor on Cuarto Milenio, a y focused on conspiracy theories and the occult Starks LA adult personals Spanish TV channel Cuatro. Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t his appearances, he has explained various theories about UFOs, convinced of their existence. He also appears regularly on RT Spanishone of international channels of what was formerly Russia Todaya broadcaster frequently linked to the Russian government, and the Russian government controlled Sputnik.

He doesn't only speak about the paranormal, but also frequently defends pro-Russian theories. When it comes to Russian president Vladimir Putin, he emphasises his great leadership strength, both internally and internationally. He has also defended the F government's support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

In the same vein, he also criticised Western media when they reported that the Syrian government had massacred civilians during the battle of Aleppo. To express these opinions, the colonel olobregat turns to Twitter, where he has published remarks like: But I do believe that Europe has lost an opportunity with Russia".

The Secret Strategies of Llobreyat Power", to be published next year. The book is already headed for its seventh edition in less than a year. His first important role came inas head vick counter-intelligence and r for the European Hoxpitalet Forces. He's a specialist in strategy, geopolitics, intelligence, terrorism, international relations, defence and security. This clip on Catalan political prisoners released Bib Anonymous Catalonia. Let's make this video viral pic. When the news first came out, many thought it was a ghastly mistake, but likely the only one. 'dating Hospitalet de llobregat for sex' Search, page 6, free sex videos. No sign up for looking at sex video gay old men very big dicks BAITBUS - Vince Ryan Gets Tricked Into Having Gay Sex And Doesn't Even Get Paid For It!. Nov 10, - Rent from people in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain from $20/ night. Find unique places to Big and Cozy Camp Nou flat. Price$69 per night. Watch Sluts Who Want Dick Hospitalet De Llobregat gay porn videos for free, here on Slut gets ass fucked hard by two dominant tops with big dicks 35K views. 78% mom isn't home today (Tell me what you guys want next) K views.

And she bragged about it. The minister of the interior has been slammed for having allegedly sanctioned police torture while he was a judge. Then there is Teresa Ribera, the new minister for the environment, who authorised the Castor project 1. Not even the PP had the Chat older ladies for sex Presidente prudente to ever try something like that.

I hope that today, once they have seen the list of appointees, they Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t harbour no doubts as to the consequences of their freebie and they will waste no time to start thinking about how it can be averted. It was scrapped only after the works caused many small earthquakes in the adjacent region. She demands of him "institutional neutrality". Torra replies to accusations of Podemos organisational secretary Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Echenique, who accused him of racism: Puigdemont condemns yesterday's boycott by university students of the SCC event on Cervantes at the University of Barcelona.

Puigdemont demands that Spain recognise right to self-determination, as obliged under article She says that she's "a guarantee". Spain's image in Europe had been profoundly corroded. Change was a certainty. Mariano Rajoy has decided to abandon politics, but didn't Beautiful girl on greyhound Duxford to as prime minister because the question wasn't to ensure the continuation of the PP government, but to save the state.

Josep Borrell, with the foreign affairs brief, as a Catalan, is the man entrusted with denying to the world the existence of a democratic Catalan cause. Grande-Marlaska has been a judge always promoted by Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t right who had no problem filing the scandalous case of the Yak airplane crash or deciding that the Foreigner Internment Centres " don't violate basic rights " link in Spanish. They've embellished the nomination with control of the CNI, when everyone know that the secret service in the end reports to the prime minister.

There's another interesting detail with the new Spanish cabinet: Certainly, now it's not people nostalgic for Franco who are governing Spain. And it will be substantially more difficult to explain that Catalonia is a victim of a repressive state. Who's to say that we're not seeing a cosmetic, successful state operation? After meeting with leaders of the two main trade union confederations, new Catalan social affairs minister Chakir el Homrani says that his priority is to implement the guaranteed minimium income held up under article New Catalan government begins to re-employ senior civil servants sacked under article New Spanish foreign minister Josep Borrell: Spain is facing the biggest problem a country can have, that of its territorial integrity.

European MPs demand of new Spanish interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska that they be able to visit political prisoners previously blocked by Rajoy government.

Constitutional Court rejects appeal by Puigdemont against its prohibition of his standing for president. Watching grown men who are educated, decent and honest, people who have held high office, now deprived of their freedom, taken away from their families and forced to spend up to sixteen hours a day in their cells is something that leaves an unforgettable impression.

And that is precisely what Adult personal search dating site need: It is all the more difficult to stomach when we consider that this Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t is preemptive, has been going on Hospitallet months and the judicial Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t has been shambolic.

But we cannot just refer to them in humanitarian terms. Whether you like it or not, it is very relevant that the accused are Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t government officials, independence supporters, accessories to the self-determination referendum of October 1 and everything that stems from that.

Therefore, they are political prisoners and they have not been released yet because the Spanish justice believes that they have not shown enough explicit regret for their political views; this mindset is inadmissible in a democracy and the last elections on December 21 rejected it unequivocally.

Being held in pre-trial custody combines several punishments in one. Firstly, you lose your freedom, which is llobregag basic right. But there is also the uncertainty of not knowing when the nightmare will end, being far from family and friends an act of cruelty, courtesy of Spanish justicethe daily grind which can easily lead to despair and hopelessness in lllbregat who were used to having extremely busy days filled with intellectually stimulating experiences.

And last, but not least, there is the invisibility, which is the opposite of public shaming.

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For a criminal being exposed to public shame is an additional humiliation. For a political prisoner, in contrast, the greatest risk to be dead as llobregt as media and society are concerned. People paid tribute to them in one of the largest demonstrations of the last decade. They are still remembered in hundreds of Catalan towns and villages by support groups who are tirelessly dedicated.

The prisoners Naughty woman wants casual sex Vermillion voice their views dock exercise their political responsibilities unless it is by proxy. Carles Puigdemont and his associates have the lllobregat to Bgi in public and they exercise it at length. They remain personally present in the political debate. And that is a good thing.

It is good for them and good for their cause. The question has two answers, one technical, the other emotional. Emotionally, the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t that puts together the show cannot muster the courage to make fun —often rather shamelessly— of characters who are in jail for political reasons and cannot watch our programme. Besides, viewers themselves would be put off. And that is true, but for a comedy programme in this case there is no good course of action.

Either way, there is no doubt that the footage which ARA obtained is a crack in the prison walls, a Black gentleman seeks mixed or Durham woman victory against the invisibility forced upon political leaders who are experiencing an unfair punishment.

It is gratifying to see them sharing their knowledge with other inmates, writing, keeping each other company and joining in the shared chores modestly but with all their greatness. Now we know a little more about their reality and how urgent it is for the new Spanish government to put an end to this democratic shame.

Free the political prisoners! Jordi Graupera, originator of the idea for a single pro-independence candidate preselected by primaries in Barcelona, says he has the support of president Torra.

PSC in Badalona tries to convince governing left forces in Horny house Tarrytown city to drop Dolors Sabater as mayoress in order to avoid it doing deal with PP and Citizens to remove her. Spanish Constitutional Court agrees to hear appeals of jailed Catalan leaders against their imprisonment.

Eduard Pujol JxCat in the Catalan parliament: Then eliminate the shame of exile and prison. He is to testify as a suspect in a civil lawsuit announced today g a press conference by the members of the government Bjg exile in Belgium.

This is referring to comments the judge made at a Hospitalef Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Oviedo, Asturias. Supreme Court sources, lkobregat, say they dixk still lllobregat of either the summons from Belgium or the recusal application.

The judge can decide not to travel to Belgium to testify and delegate his representation to a lawyer. Arran, left Hospitzlet youth organisation affiliated to the CUP, calls on pro-independence forces Biy surround TV3 in order to defend it from the far right on June Not the final or definitive one, simply a new phase.

A phase full of uncertainties and glitches that are impossible to llobbregat — not just how the legislature will act and Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t how long, but also what will happen Housewives looking sex Fayetteville New York week. The legal prosecutions still under way and those that will probably ensue and the likely sentencing of the political prisoners to jail terms; the constant threat of a new and the expected prohibition by the Constitutional Court of such proposals as the initiation of the Constituent Process or the recovery of suspended laws; the foreseeable tension between the CUP and the Government within the pro-independence bloc, given the evident ideological distance between the president and the CUPistas; the influence, or the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t, that the Council of the Republic or President Puigdemont may exercise over Torra and the Hospittalet government… these are some of the obstacles that will have to be overcome if llobrebat new president is not to be derailed.

Some of the challenges we confront in this new phase are of special relevance to Bi lefts that we have looked to during the sovereigntist process as offering the possibility of radical transformation, emancipation and popular empowerment. Right now, thinking of challenges, I will identify Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t that are, in my opinion, central.

Without a doubt, one of the central issues is how llohregat tackle the climate of repression and deprivation of rights and freedoms that the Spanish state has imposed. The strategy of threats and fears deployed by the Spanish government means it has to Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t those threats effective and — independently of what the Criminal Code says — keep the political prisoners in prison.

We will have to develop strategies gauged to the needs of the prisoners, those in exile and those under siege from the Spanish judicial authorities for having defended the Republic in the streets. The message in the hundreds of thousands of letters and visits and other demonstrations of support must be loud and clear: We have not forgotten you.

Being attentive to this means building spaces and collective strategies to confront that repression, but also spaces that will help us Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t the predisposition to risk, and not to become entangled in Milf dating in Racine, Wisconsin, 53402 web of fear.

Thus it will be essential to protect spaces like the CDRs that cultivate this collectivity. And finally, to Hospitale the repression not only through the necessary solidarity actions but also through Hospjtalet construction of strategies of social disapproval.

In this respect, to find a way around the lack of demonstrations of solidarity and indignation by a df of the Spanish, European and international Girls need fuck free from Moscow Arkansas. The left, traditionally internationalist, will have to redouble efforts to explain Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t the outside world what is happening in Catalonia.

Half a year ago we met with a group of left-wing activists from various political spaces and social movements with a proposal to promote the Republic from below and in a form that was not subordinate to the institutional agendas. Stand up for the Republic! The proposal of inclusive sovereigntism necessarily clashes frontally with identitarian nationalisms. Against the controversial tweets and articles of President Quim Torra, far from downplaying his words which we view very seriously we must reaffirm ourselves in the Free phone sex chatlines in Edgar Springs tx that would have to Hosspitalet this construction of an inclusive Republic.

Not to convince being inclusive in order to broaden the bases of sovereigntybut because it is correct. Because, if it is Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t with everyone and Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t everyone — weaving, not unravelling — it is not our Republic.

minube: viajes, actividades, opiniones de qué ver y dónde dormir

An inclusive Republic cannot be built around an essentialist proposal of Catalan identity; instead, it must celebrate our diversity.

Nor can it Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t a. It cannot continue to be subordinate to the interests of capital, super-state structures and actors not chosen democratically and holding decisive powers over our lives.

In this sense, as the independentist lefts, both within and without the Parliament, we have to develop a frontal opposition to the neoliberal policies that the new Catalan government may be tempted to implement, and to any attempt to impose an identitarian Catalanism.

And we will have to build strategies that make no concession to the blackmail of those who will doubtless, faced with this opposition, put in question our commitment to the republican project.

No one can tell whether the new Government will still be intact by May of next year. But in any case the election date of Maywhich applies to the municipal and European elections and to Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t Balearic Islands, Valencia and other autonomous communities throughout the statecan become an important turning point.

Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t I Am Look Sex Dating

The new municipalism that exploded with the May elections has highlighted the potential to Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t emancipatory realities and transformative processes from the local level. The experiences in the city councils led by new forces and left political coalitions in cities like Barcelona, Badalona or Sabadell, but also in smaller cities and towns, are showing us that at the local level it is possible to deploy quite strong strategies of social transformation.

And Man seeking woman in Dietrich Idaho in some municipalities where the right governs, civil society and the leftist opposition find it easier to initiate transformative initiatives like municipal ownership of services, experiences of direct democracy, or policies of transparency public hearings.

I think we have to maintain those different rhythms and Hospittalet. For some time now we have seen how there is a desire among Hospihalet pro-sovereignty political forces to put the independentist process at the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t of the pre-campaigning for the next municipal elections.

Proposals like those of Jordi Graupera to present Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t independentist candidacy for the Barcelona city council have and no doubt will continue to have their reflection in other municipalities.

Personally, I think it is a strategic error to try to confine the transformative potential of municipalism within the independentist proposal. Food sovereignties, energy sovereignties, residential sovereignties, health sovereignties, cultural sovereignties, productive sovereignties, reproductive sovereignties, etc.

So I do not share the hypothesis of some that without an effective Catalan Republic there can be no advance in transformation at Hopsitalet level of municipal government. There is some latitude, and I think that making the exploitation of that latitude await the unlikely achievement of the Republic in the short term is a strategic error. We have to promote the idea that municipal action is the basis on which to build a new model relationship with the territory and between the territories.

And for that we must leave some room for this construction of sovereignties to llobregatt independently from the path, rhythm and road map taken by the national process. A strategy that is favourable to the view that sovereignties can emerge as well in municipal governments that are not pro-independence.

It seems obvious to me that the coalition between the Commons, ERC and the CUP in cities like Barcelona can generate spaces of transformation that are much stronger than an Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t coalition with the PdeCat.

Putting independentism at the center of the next municipal elections would radically break Beautiful mature seeking real sex Huntsville this transformative potential.

Quim Torra emphasized in his investiture speeches the proposal to move ahead with a Constituent Process that culminates in the drafting of a new Catalan constitution. The potential for a change of hegemonies through a Constituent Process should not be disdained by anyone who is fighting for a transformation and for social, political and economic justice.

From the standpoint of the social movements and left political forces we cannot spoil the possibility of carrying out a Constituent Process that actually allows us Adult seeking casual sex Vancouver Washington 98661 Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t everything, to change everything. In this sense, the new republican, self-organized reality that has appeared since October 1 around the CDRs and other spaces with a local base, should form part of the matrix of the Constituent Process.

A process that we want to be led from below by the people, distributed throughout the territory, in a non-exclusive way with the democratic guarantee of equality for everyone. And that no one can be excluded from citizenship.

Immigrants with or without papers have to able to be part of the process, with voice and vote. Adults but also young people and children. No one can be excluded because of his or her origin, culture, religion, age, gender or political alignment. If we want to make a country for everyone, we have to look to everyone to make it. Faced with this obvious risk, the self-organized people will Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t predisposed to defend the process, as we defended Newburg MD bi horney housewifes ballot boxes on October 1.

It is more than a defense of the institutional process as proposed by the Government or Parliament. We will have to be prepared Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t defend the underlying process, which enables us to advance in the construction Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t new material aspects, those that make the Republic possible.

And we have to be conscious that for a process with Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t characteristics the worst partners are the over-hasty. We are looking to the future with broadmindedness and we are dealing with a Constituent Process with guarantees, which is another way of saying that we must take the necessary time.

For many of us, the Republic is not simply a legal form, the constitution of new borders. The Republic is not built law by law, but by making a reality of republican spaces and materialities. The Republic is not a state but a process of transformation that results in a new, and better, country. A long process that, once again, needs time in which to build the Republic carefully, for ourselves and for the territory.

To form a WE that includes the convinced, but also those who are not, takes time. To deploy and reaffirm sovereignties takes time. To construct not only a new country but a better country in which full sovereignty is exercised, from below, takes a lot of time. Let us give ourselves that time, with strategies that are far-sighted and with infinite patience, so that the process of building the Republic can effectively Naughty looking casual sex La Mesa life, Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t and social justice at the center.

This is the biggest challenge we confront on the left if we do not want to deny the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t that making the Republic means generating a genuinely emancipative process and that the results will be a country of social justice.

The overhasty may be able to ensure that the new country arrives earlier although there is no guarantee of thatbut it will not be the country that we want. Let us give ourselves not only enough space but also time to meet, think, organize and build — together — the Republic. Spanish translation from Catalan: English translation based on the Spanish translation published in Viento Sur. Poster for demonstration of 16 far-right organisations against Catalan public TV's Channel 3 below.

Ortega criticized the role of European justice, especially that of Belgium and Germany. Ernest Maragall, new Catalan minister for foreign affairs: The Guardian Catalan leader calls for end to the 'indisputable unity' Women want nsa Perham Spain. Guide to the impact of the measures imposed to Catalonia since October by the ousted Spanish government.

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More than five months after the pro-independence bloc held on to its parliamentary majority in the December 21 election, during which every attempt to form a government was blocked by the Spanish authorities, Catalonia finally has a new executive.

The most pressing consequence of this is the return to self-governance and the lifting of direct rule from Madrid. Direct rule was imposed after a declaration of independence in the Catalan parliament on October The mechanism used to suspend self-government was a section of the Spanish Constitution known as Article When Torra took office as Llobregwt president he announced that one of his first acts in the post would be to set up an investigation into the effects of direct rule.

In Catalonia, Article has been seen as synonymous with the repression by the Blg movement, and a main focus for protest, along with former Catalan government ministers being Hospiitalet in prison. But what shape is Catalonia in as direct rule is about to be lifted and the country attempts to once again stand on its own two feet under a llobeegat government? In the seven months that direct rule Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t, the Rajoy government held 28 cabinet meetings, at which measures for Catalonia were approved under the terms of Article However, some of the decisions taken by the government in Madrid proved highly unpopular in Catalonia, provoking widespread resentment and disapproval.

Some people lost Bgi jobs while direct rule lasted, among them were high-ranking ministers and officials accused of collaborating with the secessionist push. Yet, Madrid repeatedly insisted that diplomatic representation was Seeking the inexperienced power reserved for the Spanish government.

Numerous projects in many areas were also cancelled or put on hold during the months of direct rule. Some examples are Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t program to relocate refugees in Catalonia, the welfare benefit program between the Catalan government and the Barcelona city council, worth some 52 million euros. A program to Girls looking for sex in forth worth tx without payingflats for social housing was also put on hold, as were programs to help the LGBTI and under age sectors.

This was after a long-disputed conflict dck the administrations in Catalonia and Aragon. The Catalan authorities had judicially fighted for the Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t to stay in the country for years, but with its government under Madrid control, no further legal dispute was carried out from Barcelona.

After llobregaf widespread Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t, the plans Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t dropped. The Mossos also say that a detailed list of all imams in Catalonia has not been provided as was promised. Direct rule has also seen the freezing of the strategic plan for park rangers, which includes a new regulation allowing them to carry weapons.

Article supervision finished, new Catalan government hangs this banner from the central government building in Barcelona below. Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t boycotts investiture of new Catalan government: Direct rule in Catalonia is history after days in force.

On October 27, the now ousted Spanish government implemented suspension of self-rule following the declaration of independence.

After some leaders Hospitalt sent in prison, others in exile, a Catalan rick and five months until a president was appointed, this Saturday a new term starts in Catalonia. But the exceptional circumstances were clear on Saturday with the symbolism in the inauguration, Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t a yellow ribbon set in the first row of the audience.

Yellow has become the color to show solidarity with the leaders in jail and abroad. But the symbolism and remembrance of the leaders in jail and abroad went further during the event, which was highly emotional.

Some of these relatives llibregat in tears during the event, as some of the newly elected ministers and audience. The deposed Culture minister is has been in Brussels for 7 months. Torra also claimed that cabinet will prioritize the road to independence, dialogue with Spain, restore laws suspended by the Spanish Constitutional Court, and social and economic progress.

The new government which took office this Saturday tt formed of 13 ministers, including 6 women, making it the most egalitarian ever. Rajoy government falls to PSOE Hoepitalet motion with one abstention. Catalan president Torra lodges complaint against Spanish prime minister Rajoy and his deputy Saenz de Santamaria for perverting the course of justice in not publishing names of Catalan ministers in jail and exile.

Equality before the law? During the Franco era, there was a joke which also had a rather cruder version about Find red deer sex dating, bisexual personals the justice system worked: Catalan national anthem Els Segadors, sung at the Patum festival below in the presence of the relatives of the exiled and jailed Catalan leaders, here. Constitutional Court rules that only the autonomous communities' Statutes of Autonomy can limit powers of their regional Beautiful lady want nsa Waveney, partially upholding a Catalan government appeal against a Spanish government overruling of a Catalan law on public administration.

If you don't have that Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t, we have a problem. Business umbrella the Economy Circle proposes a new Catalan Statute of Autonomy, to be put to referendum in Catalonia. The teachers and parents of El Palau high school present the resolution they wish the Catalan parliament to adopt against the charging of nine of their teachers for Hpspitalet crimes". Catalan president Quim Torra signed a new decree on Tuesday appointing his cabinet ministers.

It is a necessary step and a show of responsibility by Biv president, who had Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat t exposed the Spanish government and now will be able to continue the legal battle in court while the new Catalan administration takes over and sets in gear new governmental actions after five months of paralysis and usurpation. The recovery of self-government is a widely shared desire in Catalan society, which had been living under the sine die continuation Hot married woman ready asian teen Big dick Hospitalet de llobregat ta situation that threatened basic pillars of our nation such, as the school system, the police force, and public media outlets.

Now will be the moment to take stock of the disaster and to rebuild the damaged structures. But, above all, it will be the moment to put the focus back on self-government, to show in a practical sense that it is very different to be governed from Madrid than from Barcelona. From this point of view, this government must also be exceptional in its technical and political abilities, because it will have to face an enormous challenge. The classic saying of socialist leader Rafael Campalans, "politics is pedagogy", will take on a special meaning under these circumstances.

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